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Canada’s response to the Kardashians has his latest wave of fiascos. I’ve written previously on Trudeau’s questionable leadership competence; with his arms sales to Saudi Arabia, his tax from-the-poor and give-to-the-rich policy of carbon taxes and fossil fuel subsidies, and his failed democratic reforms. But there arises a new set of blunders to further illustrate his previous examples of subpar leadership.

First and foremost is his most recent budget. After promises to balance the budget by the end of his fourth term, there’s no end in sight. His promise to keep the deficit to $10 billion has been completely ignored. This is particularly problematic for Canada given our already high total government debt-to-GDP ratio of 99%.

Where it becomes particularly problematic is in the current central banking climate.

In my lifetime mortgage rates went from 20%, when I was born in 1985, to 1.95%, when I bought my first house for my real estate company. Now, interest rates are in the rise again. Borrowing at all-time low rates and paying them back at higher rates, with 99% debt-to-GDP can bankrupt an economy. Canada already spends twice as much on debt servicing as it does its own military.

India has provided fodder for criticism among Trudeau’s most ardent supporters. His mandating tourists stand in the immense heat waiting to get into the Taj Mahal so Trudeau could take the perfect selfie didn’t engender himself to the community.

Politically his trip was just as damaging – his love of selfies knew no end when they extended to the point of his wife taking one with a Sikh separatist terrorist, Jaspal Atwal – an invited guest within the Trudeau delegation to India. As it turns out, the Indians don’t like terrorism.

The Indian Prime Minister neglected meeting with Trudeau and barely acknowledged Trudeau’s presence until it was strictly necessary.

His biggest blunder was the economic failure of the trip. While many leaders were able to secure massive Indian investment, Trudeau managed to pledge $750 million in Canadian investment into India while only receiving $250 million in Indian investment into Canada.

His language has become a national embarrassment with international journalists picking up on his correction of a woman asking him about the future of mankind; Trudeau quickly interjected that she ought to use the term “peoplekind.”

My search for the term on yielded no results. I believe the word he was opting for was humankind – an actual word, which ordinarily wouldn’t be an embarrassment but he does have a degree in literature.

It’s become problematic because he employs a gender-based analysis on every item in the federal budget. Women are the legitimate disproportionate victims of sexual and domestic abuse; this being said, it’s highly inappropriate and nothing but politicking on certain issues.

When contemplating his subsidies to fossil fuel companies, who emit greenhouse gases that could create a cascading effect that wipes out all humanity, one might ask: Yes, but how does this affect woman? I believe the rest of us would rather get back to discussing the budget than take a pause for a gender-based analysis on the extinction of our species.

These are emblematic of a mindset prone to presentation without policy, of a belief that politics matters more than prosperity, of selfies over substance.

Canada deserves better. The world deserves better. Trudeau eyes power and not people, and uses every tool at his disposal to get it.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree with the University of New Brunswick. He works for a Cayman Island hedge fund service firm, owns a real estate company, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada. He is a member of the People’s Party of Canada and the Libertarian Party of Canada.