Democrats Party’s Corrupt Campaign and Media Manipulation

The Democratic Party's national headquarters. Source: The Japan Times.

Rifling through the latest email dumb of the Podesta emails brings forth interesting curiosities like a little-known memo and agenda outline from the democrats from 2007.

The memo is a briefing for a meeting that sought to design a means of bringing the progressive movement mainstream. It includes plans to engage women, Latinos, and the old faithful black voting bloc, expand the grassroots efforts of the progressive movement and how to grow the progressive voter base. What was interesting was the tidbit about how they plan to “control the dialogue”. What does that mean?

“Controlling the dialogue, messaging and media”

This particular email (which can be found here) includes two attachments that contain an agenda outline and a full draft briefing of the meeting.

The memo includes names like John Podesta, now chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, George and Jonathan Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis (billionaire owners of Progressive Insurance), Herb and Marion Sandler (billionaire financiers), Steve Bing (Hollywood financier), John Sperling (billionaire owner of sham colleges like the University of Pheonix), Michael Vachon (Chairman of the Soros Group), Andy Stern (President of the Service International Union), Anna Burger (Secretary of the Service International Union). What a wonderful assortment of billionaires and institutional heads!

The information regarding plans to control “the dialogue, messaging and media” was quite provocative.  In this briefing we read, among other things:

Ever since the 1996 Clinton campaign discovered the soft money loophole in the campaign finance law to run ‘issue ads’ that pummeled Bob Dole before he even got the nomination, national and local television campaigns have been waged using non-federal dollars. The McCain-Feingold law closed down the loophole Clinton used to run that advertising through the DNC, but a new avenue for soft dollars to be spent on advertising quickly was found through spending by so-called 527 organizations. The FEC was in the process of narrowing this new loophole when the Supreme Court, this June, blew a hole in the McCain-Feingold laws to permit 527’s, unions, corporations, trade associations and others to run “issue ads” right up until Election Day.”

Yes, what you are reading is a detailed plan to circumvent election law through loopholes.

Now, you always hear Democrats complaining about the Citizens United decision to let Super PACs raise unlimited funds. We find that Democrats may be upset about this because it creates competition. What is interesting to note is that they are fully aware of the perverse nature of their plan. They fully intend to use “unions, corporations, trade associations and others” to influence elections on their behalf. It now makes perfect sense why the Democratic National Committee stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

But wait, there’s more!

The briefing goes on to discuss the creation of a new media fund in 2004 whose sole purpose is to do nothing other than to influence the media.  The fund is “built on this theory of soft money advertising and the notion that the candidate would be without resources from the spring through the convention.” It goes on to say “media would not be independent of the voter mobilization effort, but would be coordinated so that each would support and echo the other.”

Not A Coincidence

It appears that the lopsided reporting of this election cycle is no mistake at all.

The Clinton camp was probably using “soft money” contributions through various organizations such as unions, corporations, trade associations and the like, to build up a war chest to influence the media. When it comes down to it, there is no putting a finger on just how much money Clinton’s camp has put into this election. I would not be surprised if it were upwards of billions of dollars.

P.S. The meeting ended with a dinner at George Soros’ house.

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Gary St. Fleur

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