Leaked: Minorities In Clinton Campaign Are Tokens

John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Flickr/Center for American Progress Action Fund
John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Flickr/Center for American Progress Action Fund

We always get this impression that the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Party are about helping the disadvantaged while championing the causes of those with small voices. There has always been this criticism levied against the Democrats that they merely use race as a diversionary tactic. Well, the latest email dump of the Podesta emails seem to demonstrate that minorities are really just tokens in Hillary’s camp.

“what minorities…”

In one of the emails John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, inquires if there was a “minority” available that could be used for a function. In his own words, he states “That sucks. Can you call Larry and see what minorities he would put in top tier? Could be an asian. I know this isn’t Larry’s taste, but better if a woman.”

Now, as a black male, I was raised to believe that the whole point of the civil rights and gender equality movements was to create a more equal world – a world where people are viewed as individuals instead of labels. The racism and sexism of the past was so pernicious because it was categorical: it placed all black people and women into a particular category.

The left is often quite apt to claim that stereotyping groups of people is in fact racist. Thus, I am confused how Mr. Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s camp, the DNC, the Democratic Party, and the left, come to terms with the idea that Mr. Podesta merely needs a minority to be a minority somewhere and for some reason. Can anything be more condescending than to know that the only value and worth you have as a human being is some special class designation, because you are a minority? What is even worse is that it didn’t even matter what kind of minority it was. They are all the same! It is even better if it is “a woman”.

Everything People Say About The Left Is True

I do not doubt that there are sincere people on the left. I know many liberals who really believe in equality and egalitarianism.

The problem is that the Democratic Party does not care about those things, that is, besides using them as talking points to obtain votes. The legacy of the Democratic Party is wrought with instances of complete an utter neglect toward minorities. For instance, it was the Libertarian Party that has been pro-gay rights since inception, not the Democrats. In fact, Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage until only recently.

Another example is the horrible legacy of the Democratic Party’s failed policies toward blacks that fundamentally relegated black Americans to either prison or welfare programs. In reality, the Democrats have no qualms talking about prison reform in one breath while enforcing the Drug War in another, hurling countless non-violent people into prison.

It is high time that the nation know that the Democratic Party is not the progressive party or even the liberal party. It is the party of racist oligarchs who view minorities as mere tokens or pawns in their schemes.

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Gary St. Fleur

Gary St. Fleur is the founder of Save Scranton, an organization that campaigns against the corruption and malfeasance in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area, by utilizing grassroots efforts to enact reform.

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