Libertarian Fairy Dust: How to Spread Liberty Without Really Trying


Imagine if there was a magical libertarian fairy dust that could instantly turn your friends into liberty enthusiasts. You could sprinkle this magical fairy dust on them and just like that they’d begin questioning government efficiency and competence.  They’d stop asking who would build the roads and start asking why taxes are so high.  What if it wasn’t fairy dust, but a card game? Would you buy it?  What if it already exists?

I’d like to introduce Pork Barrel, the world’s first libertarian card game! Pork Barrel attacks government waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and incompetence with carefully sourced facts formatted into the fun of a social card game.

Every year think tanks, political action committees and a handful of liberty loving politicians will release dozens of reports detailing all kinds of insane (and in some cases hilarious) wasteful government spending.  It will come as no surprise that these reports, with their pie charts, line graphs and massive bibliographies fail to reach your average Joe.  That’s why I invented Pork Barrel.

When you sit down and play Pork Barrel with a group of friends, they won’t believe that the government is hiring $270,000 janitors, paying $9,600,000 for healthcare for dead people or spending $80,000 to torture lab mice until they develop speech impediments.  They’re used to being told that taxes are needed to pay for roads or schools – stuttering mice somehow never entered the conversation.

In the marketplace of ideas, political opinions are sold not by political philosophers, but by every form of media we consume every day.  Comedians, reality TV stars, even the subtle undertones of video games all can persuade people to think one way or another.  We need to insert our pitch into these mediums.  Exposing the fraud and incompetence of government is a central and eye catching component of that pitch.

Perfectly honest and respectable people will probably always be willing to pay taxes for police, schools and roads – but the more they know about $270,000 janitors, $80,000 speech therapies for mice and a $9,600,000 health bill for dead people, the more questions they will ask – and that is the first step.

* Preston Chaffee is an expert on government waste, fraud and abuse. He is the creator of Pork Barrel – America’s Least Favorite Card Game. Pork Barrel is available for preorder at get FREE shipping with the promo code BEING at checkout.

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  1. Haha! Libertarians know their ideas can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, hence delusional stuff like this card game. You should stick to peddling gold and vitamins like Ron Paul. I can’t stoplaughing!!!!

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