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Michael J. Mazzarone has stepped down as Director of Being Libertarian‘s Multimedia Department.

Mazzarone commented:

This move will only accelerate the growth of Being Libertarian and our Mulitmedia Department. My tenure as Director of Multimedia was always meant to be temporary. I wanted to do what I could to grow MMD organically so we had a solid foundation in place, and then focus back on my strengths, public relations, all of which I feel has been accomplished. I also am proud to announce the appointment of current Being LiberTV interviewer, Michael Brokamp as the division’s senior publicist. Brokamp has secured heavy hitting interviews such as Ron Paul and James O’Keefe and that has not gone without notice. While this appointment won’t affect his interviewing capabilities, I wish him luck on this new endeavor. Associate publicists to this division will be named later.

Being Libertarian LLC is shaking up the Multimedia Division, and is also happy to announce the creation of a new Public Relations Section, of which Mazzarone will be the Manager.

Jared Howe will remain MMD’s Content Manager, and Mazzarone has endorsed MMD Deputy Director Eric July as the new Head of Multimedia. July received unanimous approval from the Board of Directors, and will be taking on this new role effective immediately.

July commented:

We’ve been working hard to rebuild this department over the last few months, which gave us some time to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is why we are putting individuals in roles that will give them the greatest opportunity to succeed, playing to their strengths. I look forward to spearheading this department, and having leadership as such will make it that much easier.

Mazzarone and July, while coordinating the transfer of leadership, named YouTube firebrands TJ Brown (ThatGuyT) and Seamus Coughlin (Freedomtoons) to leadership roles within MMD.

Brown said:

The brand of liberty has been in a dire state of mediocrity for quite some time — absent of any vibrant representation of the philosophy. When I found Being Libertarian, I noticed a unique quality of cultural focus that didn’t revolve around bumper sticker slogans or appeal to libertine moralism. It is my prediction that Being Libertarian will soon be one of the leading platforms in the freedom movement. Promotion of individualism, markets, responsibility and property rights is no longer isolated to legacy non-profits or political parties. As the tide of the information age drowns the sinking ship of legacy media, I’m glad to be welcomed aboard this innovative juggernaut and look forward to making a cultural impact unlike anyone else in the game.

“I am very excited to be joining the leadership team at Being Libertarian,” Coughlin added. He continued, saying “as Senior Digital Producer I will be ensuring the production of quality content for the organization and its followers. I look forward to providing you with entertaining and thought provoking content,” Coughlin added.

Brown, Coughlin and July will lead the strategic business initiatives and day-to-day operations of the Multimedia Division and Being Libertarian’s developing free streaming content service, Being LiberTV.

Under Mazzarone’s leadership, the Multimedia Department made great strides with the launch of Being LiberTV in early 2017 and interviews with high profile figures such as Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, John Stossel, and others. His appointment of Eric July as Deputy Director led to quick successes, as they secured partnerships with Liberty Link Media Group, ThatGuyT, FreedomToons, among others. The future of libertarian multimedia looks bright, with Eric July and BackWordz having secured an enduring name in the field of music in an age where political upheaval across the globe continues to increase the appeal of realistic libertarian solutions to real world problems. We’re honored to march to the frontlines of liberty, and look forward to playing a role in its ever-needed defense.

Image: Dave Van Englehoven

* Martin van Staden is the Director of Literature & Publications and the Editor in Chief of Being Libertarian.

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Martin van Staden is the Editor in Chief of Being Libertarian, Rational Standard, and Champion Books. He has a law degree from the University of Pretoria. His articles represent his own views and beliefs, and not that of any of the organizations he is involved with.


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