Being Libertarian To Announce New Streaming Media Venture Being LiberTV


Being Libertarian LLC is proud to announce the launch of its newest media venture, Being LiberTV. Headed by its co-directors, Michael J. Mazzarone and Eric July, the venture has been described as Being Libertarian’s more ambitious effort to date, and something “sorely needed in the liberty movement” by Mazzarone.

The channel would be the first streaming media network marketed exclusively to libertarians & liberty leaning individuals, with plans to eventually go 24/7. Broadcasting via Facebook Live on the official Being Libertarian Facebook page as well as the Being Libertarian YouTube page.

“Being LiberTV has been in a ‘soft beta launch’ since mid last year with various spot interviews. In that time we have been honored to interview names such as Newt Gingrich, John Stossel, Michael Flynn, Glenn Beck, Gary Johnson among others, as well as establish relationships with groups such as the Rothbardian Circle. This project has its roots traced since the site’s inception. This has always been the end game for us, think ‘The Blaze’ for libertarians and I couldn’t be more excited for the launch of this project. It’s been a long time in development” said Mazzarone in a statement delivered to Being Libertarian.

Being LiberTV will effectively launch on January 20th with it’s exclusive coverage of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Eric July will be on the ground for that event.

Being LiberTV will then launch with two starting shows, those being Backwordz Live with Eric July and Baum Voyage with Gary Baumgardner. Baumgardner is someone who Mazzarone said has the potential to be the “Steven Crowder of the liberty movement”.

Other “set in stone” content will include exclusive interviews under the Being LiberTV banner, however Mazzarone has made it clear he has big plans going into the new year and beyond.

“I see no reason why we cannot, in the coming years have exclusive coverage of significant newsworthy events, host exclusive debates and provide, you, the viewer with the best experience possible. The more exclusive content the better. However, what I’m most excited for is building a coalition of talent and a show schedule that establishes us as a force for years to come. Eric and I will be reaching out to many names, who are well known and with a significant social media following in the liberty community to join our ranks. We not only want to build an empire here at Being Libertarian with this venture but we want to make sure that you, the viewer have the best experience humanly possible. No matter what side of the liberty spectrum you’re on. Whether that’s radical, pragmatic, conservatarian and/or anywhere in between.”

Eric July stated, “It’s been a work in progress to build the foundation for Being Libertarian’s multimedia. It feels great to be able to launch and we are looking forward putting out content on a weekly basis. We have some great personalities and content creators, and we will continue to build in the future.

I’ve spoken so much about the lack of cultural infiltration by libertarians, and I seriously believe that our work with Being LiberTV will help fill that void.”

You can find our youtube channel here at

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