Live Stream: Watch The Vice Presidential Debate


YouTube will be partnering with NBC to present the first and only vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. The debate airs tonight at 9pm EST, 6pm PST and you can view the debate broadcast via the embedded stream above.

If you wish to watch the debate on your devices, you can do so by watching CNN Go on your iPhone or iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. You can also use the CNN mobile apps for Kindle Fire and Windows 10. Or you can watch using the CNN app for Apple TV and Roku.

Despite a rise in the polls, up to 13 percent, and a majority of people in the U.S. wanting him to debate, Gary Johnson was not be included in the first presidential debate. Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, will not be allowed in the vice presidential debate tonight, either.

Johnson had seen an upward trend in poll numbers, but his average stayed where it has been for the longest time: 8.4%.

The Debate Commission had the following to say in an official statement:

With the assistance of Dr. Newport, the Board determined that the polling averages called for in the third criterion are as follows: Hillary Clinton (43%), Donald Trump (40.4%), Gary Johnson (8.4%), and Jill Stein (3.2%). Accordingly, Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, and Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, qualify to participate in the September 26 presidential debate and October 4 vice-presidential debate, respectively. No other candidates satisfied the criteria for inclusion in the September 26 and October 4 debate. The criteria will be reapplied to all candidates in advance of the second and third presidential debates.

The current poll numbers don’t disqualify Johnson from the second and third debates, and if he sees a rise in those numbers, he could be included in the debates on October 9th and 19th.

Johnson was endorsed by three newspapers, and many celebrities and political pundits of all parties and political affiliations believe that they should let Gary Johnson debate. These results will come at the dismay of all of these people, and the majority of the nation, who believes that third party candidates should be given the shot to have their voices heard, even if they’re not one of the top two candidates.

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