Is Melissa Joan Hart About To Endorse Gary Johnson?

A model walks the runway at the Nike/Levi's Kids Rock! fashion show during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week at the The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 10, 2015 in New York City.

Whether you know her as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All, Sabrina from Sabrina The Teenage Witch or many of her other prominent roles in TV and film, Melissa Joan Hart has been one of the most well known actresses in the past two decades. But while we have fell in love with him on the big and small screens, it appears that in a new tweet, Hart has fell in love with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, stating that not only has she donated to his campaign but would love to see the former New Mexico governor in the debates with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

While some are claiming this to be an official endorsement, the words “I endorse Gary Johnson” are not present in the tweet. Do you believe that Melissa Joan Hart is set to endorse Gary Johnson? We will let you decide in the comments section below.

In other recent Gary Johnson news, Johnson, appeared on the most recent edition of The Greg Gutfield Show in a very lighthearted interview. During the segment, Gutfield delivered some very real praise toward the presidential candidate:

I like you because you’re for free markets and free minds and I think you are like a sleeper candidate. You are a two-term governor but you are also kind of goofy. Right?

Gutfeld then continued:

You are the next president! The next president!  The next president!  No but the thing is – the reason why I bring that up is that on The Five we are constantly talking about Trump and Hillary and how flawed they are and Geraldo says “Gary Johnson, he’s kind of weird.’  So, what’s wrong with weird?  When you are looking at the other candidates you are a successful two-term governor.  You cut spending. You left a budget surplus. You won Republican in a state that was two-to-one Democrat. What’s weird about that?

Johnson also reveals his plans if he were to become president:

Well, I want, I want to reduce the size of government. I believe that less money out of my pocket is a good thing and then stand up for civil liberties. Included in those civil liberties, of course, legalizing marijuana, marriage equality, women’s right to choose, and then let’s stop with the military interventions with regime change  that has resulted in a less safe world.  How is that for starters? Let’s, let’s, let’s bring the world together with free markets.  

Johnson has been hitting strides recently in polls. A recent Utah poll has the former New Mexico governor at 26% in the state and currently has 44% among active veterans in comparison to Trump’s 26% and Hillary Clinton’s 12%. Gutfeld has been no slouch either in regards to his libertarian-leanings and has said in the past that he is a self-identified libertarian.

You can view the interview, which features Johnson blowing an air kiss to Gutfeld here.

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