Know Your Meme: The Boogaloo


As boog memes are starting to hit the mainstream feed (which says a lot about where our country is at), I feel like I should explain things to get the uninformed caught up, and also to dispel some of the confusion and misinformation that’s starting to be passed around.

“Boogaloo” is a term that has become popular in gun rights and libertarian groups over the last few years that refers to the hypothetical and violent overthrow of the government. An American revolution part two, if you will. A lot of folks feel like we the people have completely lost control of the federal government, and the problems we have are already far too entrenched within the system to be able to vote our way out of them, and that the whole system needs a hard reset.

As the meme has evolved, this hypothetical hootenanny has taken on many names: big igloo, big luau, etc. Basically, the biggest Hawaiian party Alaska has ever seen. The memes are marked by our heroes, usually armed with rifles, night vision, and other tactical gear, standing up to the government, politicians, and their agents.

Though this meme has been present in the underground for years, it has been getting exponentially more popular as of late and spilling into the mainstream. Due to this, quite a few new people have been adopting and misusing the term in recent months, especially in the wake of the Trump impeachment. This is an incorrect use of the meme. The boog was never originally a Republican vs Democrat thing, it exists more on an authoritarian vs libertarian scale. Both mainstream parties are awful and have been equally complicit in the degradation of our liberty.

For example, the boog popping off over the Virginia Governor imposing his new assault weapons ban despite the people of Virginia clearly not wanting it would be entirely appropriate, whereas talking about booging over Trump being removed is not really in the spirit of things as Trump and the Republicans are basically just as bad for liberty as the Democrats. We aren’t trying to take the side of one party, we’re trying to bring the whole two-party system down.

And of course, the Democrats are already on their same old “everyone who I don’t like is racist” shtick. I saw an article the other day that was already saying something to the effect of “boogaloo: a new alt-right code word for a race war”. I’ve never facepalmed so hard.

The boogaloo has literally never been a race thing, it started as a gun rights thing, and has morphed into a general freedom/liberty thing, but it was never about race. All colors and creeds are welcome to join the cause of standing up to tyranny.

Of course, this is a story we’ve already seen 1000 times. Whenever the modern American left doesn’t like something, they just outright make things up in order to paint their opponents in an ugly light. We’re all used to it by now.

Painting this as a right-wing thing or a “race war” is both not only incorrect, but both also imply a war between the people, which indicates a core misunderstanding of the entire term. The boog is not the people vs the people, the boog is the people vs the government. It’s a revolution, not a civil war.

I hope I could clear a bunch of stuff up, and remember, it is the duty of good people to disobey unjust laws and topple tyrannical regimes!

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Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard is a freedom obsessed libertarian oilfield worker from Colorado. His hobbies include motorcycles, travel, and waking up the masses.