A Message to the Left from a Black Guy


Last year has been one of the most interesting years in politics that I have ever witnessed. This is not to say that I have witnessed or paid attention to many election cycles, but this is definitely one for the history books.

Last year year, we found out about corruption at the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s own corruption, the mainstream media’s fake news, and that there is a serious agenda at work that probably involves people like George Soros.

Why Hillary Lost

I know it is kind of late for me to give my post-election commentary. Anyone who knows me knows that I was one the most fervent anti-Hillary advocates around. In that regard, I should have been elated that she lost and anyone else won. Well, to be honest, I knew she was going to lose.

I knew she was going to lose because all the signs were there. What signs? The left have become an obnoxious and intolerant propagandist arm of progressive experimentation. They claim that everyone who disagrees with their social engineering is racist or bigoted. They hypocritically sit upon their seats of entitlement, elitism and condescension to inform the masses what is the correct way to think, behave and live.

I knew there was no way that this sermonizing would not result in a fierce reaction. To make matters worse, the DNC and Hillary’s camp were exposed as being shady, corrupt, conspirators capable of almost anything.

Email revelations exposed that Hillary’s camp stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, fully intended to pay him off, and helped Trump to win the nomination so they could compete against a supposedly weak candidate.

The DNC was exposed for colluding with the media and actively helping Hillary’s camp. Now, you would think that all of these revelations would garner some sort of reaction from the media? Nope! CNN went on to claim that reading WikiLeaks emails was illegal – except for when they did it of course.

Hillary could do no wrong despite being exposed as a Wall Street, foreign funds receiving, pay for play scheming, career political insider. Basically, the entire world found out that the left is full of Sh*t!

They supported a candidate who is pro prison industrial complex, oil, banking, big corporations, military industrial complex, etc., everything that the left claims to be against. This revelation made it difficult for anyone to feel guilty about voting for Donald Trump.

Yes, Hillary Clinton was so bad that it made Donald Trump look like a reasonable alternative! In fact, Donald Trump managed to received26% of the Latino vote and more black votes than any Republican in recent history. Shoot, my long-time Democrat mother voted for Trump! If you can make her vote Republican, you have to be a particular kind of loathsome.

Hillary lost because she was a horrible candidate that the left, media and DNC tried to shoehorn to the American public. Thus, when it came time to vote, when people walked into that booth where no one was watching, they could cast the contemptuous vote and basically tell the left to go fly a kite.

Sadly, it appears that the left has not taken this opportunity to reflect but are now blaming Russia and “fake news” for Hillary’s loss. I believe we are seeing the death of the progressive left. Let us hope its final death pangs do not result in chaos.

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Gary St. Fleur

Gary St. Fleur is the founder of Save Scranton, an organization that campaigns against the corruption and malfeasance in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area, by utilizing grassroots efforts to enact reform.

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