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Minnesota GOP Breaks Election Law, Petition To Remove Trump From Ballot

A petition has been filed to remove Donald Trump and Mike Pence from the Minnesota general election ballot.

The petition, filed September 8th, states that during the Minnesota State Republican Convention on May 20th and 21st, they did not nominate the required 10 alternate presidential electors as stated in a Minnesota statute. The petition document then goes on to state that this wasn’t made aware to the Chair of the Republican party in Minnesota until August 3rd.

The state did not hold another convention, and so the Minnesota Republican Party Executive Committee ignored state law by selecting 10 electors itself on August 24th. The next day they submitted a “Certificate of Nomination,” which posited that they “duly nominated and elected” both the electors and their alternates.

The law reads: “presidential electors and alternates for the major political parties of this state shall be nominated by delegate conventions called and held under the supervision of the respective state central committees of the parties of this state.”

Minnesota Republican Party officials blamed confusing new rules for the failure to nominate alternates, and others pointed out at the time that the state constitution didn’t give power to the party to elect alternates, which highlights just how much of a mess the process has been up to this point.

In recent Donald Trump news, those living in New York City got a very “huge” surprise late last month as those passing by Union Square came across a life-size, full color, nude statue of GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump. According to The Gothamist, the statue was the handiwork of anarchist art collective INDECLINE, who erected a handful of naked Trump statues across various cities in the United States. Yes, it wasn’t just the citizens of New York City that could get their picture with this statue, but identical statutes have been erected in cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, and San Francisco.

The group also released a video about the statues on YouTube, calling the project the “Emperor Has No Balls.”

The New York statue suffered it’s demise quickly, however, as city workers rolled up around 1 PM Thursday afternoon to haul the mysterious statue away. The other statues met the same fate soon after.


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