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The narrative that seems to get the most attention in the press is that gun violence is at an all-time high and the way to stop it is to take away the right of people to protect themselves. Silly slogans are bandied about like, “My right to live is more important than your right to carry a gun.” Hollywood elite are promoting the infringement of civil liberties in an alarming fashion. When the press coordinates with public figures for a social narrative, one is reminded of true authoritarianism that exists in both communism and fascism.

It is imperative that there be a counterbalance to this extremely harmful and dangerous narrative. Those who support the basic freedoms of natural rights should promote, in any way that they can, a true narrative that highlights the falsity of the dangerous one. We need a public that is better armed!

The number of people hell-bent upon taking the lives of the innocent pales in comparison to the number of people who are horrified and incensed by such actions. Therefore, it makes sense that those people who are good should be well-armed as to protect against those who are bad. The best way to reduce gun violence is to provide a great deterrent for those who are likely to commit it.

We should all applaud free speech that is being used, even to undermine our natural rights, but we should be louder in protecting those rights. While we still have our right to free speech (and perhaps even when we don’t), we must practice it in order to encourage greater numbers of gun ownership. People need to be made comfortable with guns and the use of them as a tool for defense rather than objects of offense.

A few ideas:

  1. Offer free training to those who seek it.
  2. Light up the phone of those politicians who speak against gun ownership.
  3. Encourage those politicians that seek to protect gun ownership.
  4. Set up programs to help people who have trouble affording guns in neighborhoods that have low income and high crime rates. Donate to them.
  5. Write op-ed material in support of more gun ownership to any outlet willing to accept it.
  6. Carry your own gun whenever or wherever you can.
  7. Post your own opinion on the need for greater gun ownership on your own social media, as well as sharing articles that highlight the need for greater gun ownership.

It is time to go on the verbal offensive for the natural right one has to own whatever tools necessary to protect one’s own life and the lives of his family and friends, as well as others who may be around him. It is entirely illogical to both complain about the police using too much force while simultaneously insisting that the police should be the only ones with guns. It is foolish to assume that the police can be everywhere they are needed at the times they are needed. Gun ownership is imperative in order to reduce gun violence. Everywhere there are more guns there is a reduced likelihood of unnecessary violence. It’s time those who understand this become louder than those who don’t.

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Danny Chabino

Danny Chabino has a background in operating small businesses. He has been involved in managing and/or owning the operations of multiple retail establishments, a sub-prime lending company, a small insurance company, a small telemarketing venture, and insurance consulting. In addition to these activities, he also has spent many years managing investments in stocks and stock options as a successful trader. He is the married parent of two adult children, living as a proud lifelong Oklahoman and a part-time redneck. Danny writes for the enjoyment and pleasure of sharing ideas and for the love of writing itself. His opinions skew libertarian, but he enjoys hearing open debate and listening to or reading of opposing ideas. As an odd confession, he personally detests politics, but enjoys writing about political ideals and philosophies.

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