To MTV News’ Anna Marie Cox: People Like You Cost The Democrats The Election!

Dear Anna Marie Cox at MTV News,

Bill Maher recently spoke about his takeaways from the 2016 election on the season finale of his show, Real Time.

He spoke about how the culture of political correctness and the dismissal of the issues pertaining to the middle class, issues concerning white people, and the working white man in particular; saying the Democratic Party has alienated them by answering their concerns with “politically correct bullshit”!

While I’m sure those were factors in the outcome of the election, what struck me as odd, was your immediate response. You decided to not consider Maher’s proposal – to not dispute his theory with facts – but to immediately accuse him of wanting to appeal more to “white men”, as if that idea was just disgusting!

Your answer to his perfectly logical statement was to say: “The problem with American politics, let’s get this straight. The problem with American politics is we don’t cater enough to white men?”

The disgust at the thought of addressing issues brought forward by white men was more than apparent in your voice. If I were to take your exact statement on Bill Maher’s show and replace white men with ‘Jews’ or ‘people of color’, I would be disgusted at how racist it would be!

In my mind, I can see the exact same conversation taking place a half a century ago, except with the roles reversed.

Some introspective person mentioning that African American issues aren’t being addressed, that they are not being considered, and that the lack of political discourse on this could have ramifications on the future of the party in question. I can also see some smug; buzzword-loving rhetorician saying (with the same contempt you had): “The problem with American politics, let’s get this straight. The problem with American politics is we don’t cater enough to African Americans?”

Let’s do this: Let me replace “white men” with other ethnicities and identity groups, and you, the reader, can see if you find this sentiment maybe a touch racist, or bigoted:

“The problem with American politics, let’s get this straight. The problem with American politics is we don’t cater enough to the Jews?” she said with disgust…

“The problem with American politics, let’s get this straight. The problem with American politics is we don’t cater enough to the Mexicans?” she said with disgust…

“The problem with American politics, let’s get this straight. The problem with American politics is we don’t cater enough to the LGBTQ community?” she said with disgust.

That sentiment – that exact statement – is why Democrats lost this election! You, literally, are the problem, Anna Marie!

Do you not realize that you just marginalized a large portion of the population? A largely-innocent portion of the population (it is always the innocents that suffer from the fallout of dangerous ideological positions)! This is a group of people that you are judging and, apparently, loathing, simply because of the color of their skin! And you think they’re the racists?

In case you didn’t realize ‘white people’ make up almost 70% of the population, and unlike what you may believe; that’s not a bad thing! Is Bill Maher a part of the problem with America? He is a white man… or is it just all the other white men; the ones who don’t agree with your point of view?

This letter may be addressed to you, but it’s for all of the aggressive and regressive people with loud voices online and in the mainstream media who seem hellbent on bringing an end to white men in particular, but apply that same hatred equally to women, people of color, LGBTQ people… anyone, really, who does not agree with the politically correct narrative. Anyone who stands up as an individual in a world that is being carved, more and more, into collectivist identity groups!

Your obsession with “oppression” is actually causing oppression, just as the “love trumps hate” protestors are finding many in their midst are incredibly hateful  and violent… but that’s okay, as long as it’s against those subhuman “white people”, right?

It was okay for the Nazis to treat Jews, and others in their culture, horribly as well, because they were thought to be subhuman, It was okay for the Marxist regimes of Russia, China, and Cambodia to murder millions of their people, but don’t worry, it was only the subhuman “privileged” whose families were exterminated.

By the way, have I mentioned that the privileged class in those countries were any people who did not share equally in the squalor that the state brought? As a subjective term, the bar for who was “privileged” was brought lower and lower to encompass more and more people as the faulty economics of Marxist “equality” brought more and more people into poverty – it was shared and equal poverty – and any who managed to scrape together a little more, found themselves, all of a sudden, to be the “privileged”.

Don’t believe me? Read Rand and Solzhenitsyn; they lived in the societies that thought this way. They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they’ve written all about it!

If the statement you made was an isolated instance, or just another random opinion in a sea of millions, it really wouldn’t phase me. In fact, if it were just your opinion, I would not be writing this letter, as it would be a definite overreaction to just one comment, one opinion.

ben-dreyfuss-tweet-pinata-bodies-of-white-menThe reason I am writing this today, however, is that you are not alone in thinking in this way!

There are very loud, very powerful voices who share this opinion – the opinion that white people, and white men in particular, need to be brought down a notch – that they are evil for some reason, more so than many others, and that because of the actions of some in the past that shared in the same skin pigmentation, they deserve to be treated as less than human.

So many in the leftist social justice crowd blame “white men” for all the problems in the world with over-simplistic outlooks on the issues we face in society; and it seems like you agree!

When you realize the SJW movement, who advocate this exact thinking, regularly call for white people to be killed; when you read their tweets, and see their actions on campuses and streets across the country; there comes a point where as a man, as a father, and just as a human, I have to stand up and say ‘enough’! This is nonsense, in fact, it’s beyond nonsense. It has become dangerous rhetoric.

These may not be the expressed opinions of Hillary Clinton, but those who support these regressive ideologies are overwhelmingly Clinton supporters, and people are waking up. Americans, black, white, Hispanic… people of all races and genders are waking up to the double standard, the racism, and the irrationality of the regressive left. And that is one reason why Clinton lost.

i-am-god-tweet-world-better-placeWhen legitimate concerns were being answered with agenda-driven dribble like “white privilege” and buzzwords like “misogynist”, “r
acist”, “xenophobe”, “homophobe”, “islamaphobe” etc. without ever addressing the actual issue, without engaging in a discussion around the facts, that’s when people who have any intelligence started seeing through the false virtue. I’m not pointing this out solely to say white people are under attack; I’m pointing it out to show that it’s not about race at all.

There are bad people in this world – bad racist people – some are racist against blacks, others against whites. There is racial strife the world over. Whites are not excused from being victims of racism, and just because the United States is a majority-white nation, does not make it any less racist. The way to combat racism, the way to bring unity in a diverse and multicultural society, is not by creating a narrative of victims and oppressors, of privilege and lack thereof, but to educate, to integrate, not by force, but by building a structure of unity and oneness, not by leaving out the blights on the history of the nation, but by discussing the ideologies behind those blights without labeling people alive today according to the actions of people they’ve never met.

You don’t fight racism with more racism: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind! The way to fight racism is by showing what unites us: our commonalities and similarities.

Do you know what most white men are doing?

Far from operating an oppressive patriarchy, they spend their days working hard to provide for their families, and set their families up for success in the next generation, not unlike what most black men are doing, or Hispanic men are doing, or women, or people from every identity group, minority or majority! We have so much more in common than we realize. But when we let dangerous ideas like identity politics divide us to the point where people are ready to take the life of someone who never did them and harm – someone they don’t even know – we are driven apart. We may have different beliefs or ideas, but in the end we all just want the same thing: to provide for our families, and ensure the future is brighter for our children than it was for ourselves.

black-lives-matter-tweet-kill-white-menThe ideologies that differentiate us are so often conflated, based on bad data or group think, or just a result of ignorance, that to let ourselves become so hateful of those on the other side of the proverbial isle is just ludicrous.

There needs to be discourse, there needs to be debate and discussion and it’s a good thing to have differing opinions and views. In essence, I think it’s good to have that competition, to debate until the best ideas and policies are fleshed out; but we need to remember, as President Obama said, that “we are in this together”. If both sides were to stop fear mongering and make it so the moral compass of their respective parties pointed to individual liberty, and what is in the best interests of the people they serve, we would have a very different world.

I say this, because your comment on “working class people”, “real” working class people not being white, implying that there is some big divide between white and all others in America, is dangerous! You are suggesting that white people live the lifestyle of millionaires while others live in poverty, and that is just not true. It’s divisive, and is going to result in incredible amounts of pain, and deep scarring for all Americans. The ignorance, the political games, the attempts to polarize “whites” from “people of color” (even that term implies that whites should be ostracized from the unity of all other races) is what caused a backlash. It’s a large part of what caused the impending Trump presidency!

It wasn’t racism or misogyny. It was arrogance from Democrats that drove people to what seemed like their only alternative, no matter how distasteful. If you want to blame someone for Trump, then you have to look in the mirror.

Oh, and by the way, those buzzwords have been thrown around so freely now that they’ve lost almost all meaning. Now when someone is called a racist we (average people just living our lives) have no idea if they are truly racist – which is truly deplorable – or if they just disagreed with your narrative. Is someone an ‘Islamaphobe’, or did they just make a joke? Is someone actually a misogynist, or did they actually just vote for someone who they believed could bring back jobs to their community, or someone who hadn’t rigged their nomination in the primaries?

You – the mainstream media and the social justice crowd – have your heads so far up your own narrative that you either unwilling, or, more likely, unable to see past your own echo chamber to look at life through another person’s viewpoint and consider that people are individuals and cannot, and should never be, categorized by race or political identity. Communities are not a groups that think with hive-like unison. They are made of individuals – of people – who make their own choices. Skin color is by far one of the worst ways to determine a person’s character, much less the character of an entire group or population: So please stop it!

Stop driving people away from liberalism and, even more importantly, stop pushing people into the delusional camp of judging by ethnic group or identity.

Let’s bring back the ideologies of the freedom-minded conservatives and the classical liberals; where the deciding factors of policy are on what allows for more individual liberty, and people are judged by their character not by the color of their skin, or their sexual identity!

When you’re there, I’ll be right there with you, and we can fight for the rights of all people, regardless of genetic differences!

To see the video this article refers to click the link here.

This post was written by Arthur Cleroux.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

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  • John Elias

    This is a great, great read. Spot on in my mind.

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