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Three years ago I wrote for the first time about Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, and David Cameron’s complicity in the brutal genocide of the Zaydi Muslims of Northern Yemen.
Some of the actors have changed, but the script has remained; we’ve chosen not to hold our leaders to account for genocidal war crimes and we’ve chosen not to talk about it!

There’s a rising Iranian influence in the Middle East. Iraq is largely controlled by Iranian proxies, as is Syria, and Lebanon, meanwhile the Houthi rebels of Northern Yemen are [likely] backed by Iran. Moreover, if they control Yemen they control access to the Red Sea, which has serious economic repercussions for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Qatar, and the U.A.E.

When the Houthi rebels took the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, Saudi Arabia formed a coalition and unsuccessfully invaded Yemen. When the invasion didn’t go as planned, the Saudi coalition opted to destroy Yemen’s roads, hospitals, and they’ve even bombed school buses.

The most serious damage is from the roads. Yemenis can’t transport their food or medical supplies. When supply trucks attempt to move into Northern Yemen the Saudis destroy them.

Up to 85,000 children have died from starvation due to Saudi involvement and over 10 million are suffering from malnutrition.
There’s an otherwise easily-treatable cholera outbreak that can’t be stopped due to a failure of medical supply distribution.

The U.N. has repeatedly claimed this is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and it’s entirely manmade. By the time this ends, Yemen could face holocaust-level misery and numbers.

As a response to these actions, shortly after the war broke out, Canada negotiated a $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Trump has negotiated over $100 billion. The U.K. supplied Saudi Arabia with £5 billion in weapons. Only Germany, due to their horrific history on this subject, has honourably opted not to support the genocide and cancelled their arms contracts.

According to article 2 of the Geneva Conventions on genocide, in 1948, Saudi Arabia has targeted the Zaydi Muslims for destruction and, as such, their government is made up of genocidal war criminals. According to article 3 arms dealing is complicity in genocide, Therefore, by extension, NATO leaders are also genocidal war criminals.

I held out hope that Trump would be a different stripe of politician, compared to previous presidents, and diminish the influence of the military industrial complex. Sadly, he appears to be escalating tensions and increasing drone strikes within Yemen.

What’s worse is that we’ve chosen not to talk about it. There are actually Canadians who claim to support LGBTQ+ and feminism and will vote for Justin Trudeau in spite of the fact that he continues to sign export permits and even campaigned on supporting arms deals to Saudi Arabia – a country that punishes women for having been sexually assaulted and executes homosexuals.

Liberal Party donors, such as the directors of SNC Lavalin, hold contracts with the Saudi government. Rather than using our own country’s energy we’ve opted to use the energy that enriches SNC Lavalin – thoroughly contracted with Saudi Aramco (Saudi’s national oil company), the company that largely funds the genocide in Yemen.

There are evil and dark forces at play in our politics. We have a sanguine view of our own righteousness that thoroughly collapses when under scrutiny. Our leaders are bought and sold war criminals. For the sake of our national soul, it’s time we have a national dialogue about where we went wrong.

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