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Cannabis Nuns Make $400,000 A Year Growing Marijuana

Sister Kate and Sister Darcy, the Sisters of the Valley, are nuns who have devoted their lives to cannabis. They do not associate themselves with a religious organization, and they operate an illegal cannabinoid business out of Merced, California. Merced has recently banned the cultivation of cannabis.

“We live together. We work together. We’re a bit socialistic. If you look up what makes a ‘sister,’ those are the things.” – Sister Kate to KSHB.

The Sisters sell products made from CBD, a chemical component found in cannabis, on Etsy. Their products are made for the purpose of healing, and not for the lucrative high that many marijuana users cultivate cannabis for. Their products do not contain THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana’s most famous psychological effect.

According to KSHB, the Sisters make about $400,000 a year in their business.

The state legislature mistakenly set a deadline for the marijuana prohibition in effect in California. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, which permits only certain kinds of regulated cannabis cultivation, included a deadline of March 1, 2016. The passing of the deadline would withdraw the enforcement of marijuana prohibition. In panic, many town and cities rushed to pass their own marijuana prohibition ordinances.

Per a press release from California Assemblyman Jim Wood, the deadline has been repealed.

The Sisters have created their business in spite of prohibition, which is still a national issue and affects the vast majority of the United States. Currently, marijuana is only legally sold recreationally in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, but is available for medical use in limited quantities in several other states. The Marijuana Policy Project, the largest marijuana policy organization in the USA, has been responsible for the majority of legislative changes to the legal status of marijuana across the United States. One person is arrested for marijuana possession every 45 seconds. Regardless of state law, the possession of even a single marijuana plant is a federal offense.

The Sisters of The Valley started a petition addressed to California Governor Jerry Brown to protect medically grown cannabis in California’s Central Valley. Though the controversy appears to be resolved, with the state officially continuing to criminalize much of California’s marijuana cultivation, the petition is still available to sign.

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