1. I was intensely watching a baseball game one day, when the refreshment vendor caught my eye for a split second. BAM! Right in the eye went that ball. If only I had eyes on all sides of my head, thought eye. Can’t turn my back for a second said I. Maybe baseballs need leashes. sure would save a bunch of running and bruised eye sockets. Everybody say aye!
    or not.
    I don’t care.
    I’ll just lobby for legislation.

  2. Love the term “Entitled Breeders”! Hit the nail on the head with that one. Didn’t catch it in your article, though, but I’m assuming that since you were saying “didn’t go well”, I’m guessing some people were saying that your term for people of this caliber was a racist term? NOT IN THE LEAST! I say, because there are “Entitled Breeders” of ALL colors, shapes, sizes, & wealth classes. People DO need to WAKE UP & fathers DO NEED to go back to the old fashioned values of running their houses as biblically stated…by first off STAYING AT HOME & BEING A FATHER…SETTING THE EXAMPLE! Don’t be off in “another man’s pasture” cause the grass ain’t no greener over there. Be at home, setting rules & taking interest in your kids activities! THATS being a father…not just the ability to have intercourse with a woman until she pleasures you…a drunken bum can do that. Had this kid had a “normal” family make-up back home….that poor gorilla wouldn’t be dead. And as Forrest said in a movie once….”That’s all I got to say about that”.
    But, no…actually, one more thing….
    “Entitled Breeders” (no matter what shape, color, age, wealth class) are the reason I, a 30 yr kitchen veteran….SIMPLY REFUSE to work in a PUBLIC restaurant ANYMORE! The way people allow their kids (& Hell, sometimes even their own selves) run over restaurant employees is 100% totally uncalled for.

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