“Open carry permit… is just despicable!” – Hillary Clinton

hillary Clinton

The Being Libertarian team recently uncovered a recording of Hillary Clinton stating her position on gun rights which demonstrates sheer distaste for gun owners.  You can hear the clip here. Yes, she is coming for your guns.

Here is the entire quote: “… The idea you can have an open carry permit with an AK-47 walking up and down the aisle of a super market is just despicable.”

Oh, yes, if you are a law-abiding American with a semi-automatic rifle, then she is talking to you!

2nd Amendment

It is odd that Americans even question what the 2nd Amendment means.

Let’s be clear, regardless of your position on guns, the 2nd Amendment is not about Americans being able to protect themselves from robbers and crooks. It was about Americans being able to protect themselves from tyranny or predatory government. Consider the context; Americans just finished fighting a war with a powerful government that was overstepping its legal authority. What do you think the colonies feared most after fighting such a battle? It is obvious that they would be concerned about creating a brand new version domestically. Thus, the 2nd Amendment is about the ability for American citizens to protect themselves from a rogue government.

Now you have people, especially people on the left, who will argue that we live in more enlightened times. They will say that the reasons for having guns no longer exist. This line of reasoning is strange because I have just explained the reason for having guns was to protect one’s self from corrupt government. Can government still be corrupt? Yes. Does government still kill citizens? Yes. So, why would Americans disarm? Some will argue that America is not the sort of country that would attack its own citizens. Really!? Tell that to the countless victims of the War on Drugs who are languishing in prisons to keep government budgets fat. Tell that to the thousands of victims of droning who happened to be at in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tell that to the children that are placed into the welfare system so that government bureaucrats can get kick backs. The list of the American Government committing acts of atrocity is quite large.

The mainstream media has a pattern of ignoring the instances where America is the bad guy. Thus, they foolishly believe that the American government wouldn’t kill its own citizens. This is strange, considering the U.S government has already killed an American citizen without due process and merely brushed it underneath a carpet.

Stand Firm

It is obvious that the Democratic Party is obsessed with taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. When the government says you do not need to have a gun, that is when you can be absolutely certain you need a gun. It is strange how they make leaps of logic regarding gun control when a cop shoots a black person. They do not care about the justification. They believe that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t own guns. Well, I always wonder about the line of reasoning presented by big government types. If the average citizen cannot be trusted, how can we trust the people in government? Well, if I can’t trust my own neighbor not to shoot me, how in the world am I going to trust the police not to do so? As a black American, it is pretty obvious who I should throw in my cards with.

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Gary St. Fleur

Gary St. Fleur is the founder of Save Scranton, an organization that campaigns against the corruption and malfeasance in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area, by utilizing grassroots efforts to enact reform.

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  1. Yet with the fate of the supreme court on the line apparently 7% of our country is voting for Gary Johnson. I’m not especially thrilled about our conservative candidate either. But if you have a love for liberty, and don’t vote against Hillary, you are responsible for the loss of our rights and the final death blow to the founding ideals of America.

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