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An Open Letter to Mom and Dad About Voting Third Party

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Dear Mom & Dad,

I am writing you today to talk about a subject that means a great deal to me. Just to warn you, it’s political so I ask you to please be open minded and read this letter to the end.

First, I would like to thank you for bringing me into this world and raising me to be an open minded individual who knows the difference between right and wrong. You taught me valuable life lessons, such as saying please and thank you. You showed me the value of true character and how to put others needs before my own. You prepared me to be a free thinker and to ask questions, you inspired me to be the best person I can be. For that and everything else you sacrificed for me, I thank you.

As I mentioned earlier, this letter is of a political nature. While we have not always agreed on everything political, I do respect your opinion and enjoy our conversations we have had in the past. However, this election cycle, something is different, wrong even. Somehow, our two political parties have chosen very polarizing candidates. The conversation we have been having over the past several months are not I support _______ candidate because I believe in them, it’s the opposite. I am supporting _________ candidate because I am afraid of what will happen to our country if _________ candidate wins the election. In the news and in discussion, time and time again both _______ and _______ keep straying further and further from the ideals and values that you instilled in me as a child and that I have carried with me into my adulthood and that I am instilling or will be instilling into my own children. It’s the fear of one candidate over the other that has created us as a nation to overlook all of the negative traits of both candidates. What ever happened to character?

This letter is written to you, the most important people in my life, to let you know through free thought and of my own will that I am leaving _______ political party and will be supporting one of the third party candidates. When I walk into the voting booth on election day I will be voting for a candidate that I believe in.

Yes, I said it, your own flesh in blood will not be supporting ________ in November and nothing you can say will change my mind. However, as your child I am asking for you to at least be open minded to the 3rd party choices. Take some time and research them. Go to their websites, watch some of their video’s, see if their beliefs and values are similar to that of your own. I’m not asking you to vote 3rd party, who you vote for is your choice, however, I am asking you to make sure that make an informed vote, one that comes from a place of hope and love and not out of hate and fear.


Your “favorite” child,


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