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2018 was a big year for Being Libertarian in a lot of ways. Two big acquisitions (Think Liberty and Rational Standard) brought a lot of new talent to Being Libertarian, and with that talent has come a lot of opportunity. More fresh content, more individuals working to organize and manage the brands, and more of a need to cover overhead costs that come with an increased head-count, and the increased volume.

One of our goals going into 2019 (goals set months prior) was to give the old Patreon account a new face. The Being Libertarian Patreon has been alive for a bit, but it’s never been something that’s been wildly active. I think we had one Patron that has been hanging on for a couple years (Thank you for your service!) and that’s about it. As we built out our Patreon and zeroed in on 2019, it became clear that Patreon, along with many other financial players, came with its issues.



Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, and many others have now decided to leave the platform, and it’s understandable why they’ve taken this route. However, in our examining alternative platforms, a lot of others seem to fall short on offering services that we find valuable in Patreon. Sure, we could set up a payment service that will charge on a monthly basis, and we likely will for those who are turned off by the Patreon brand but would still like to donate-but let’s remember that many of these platforms have come under fire, as well. And even when viable alternatives to Patreon have popped up, they are quick to get knocked down thanks to the likes of Visa, etc. As they say, there’s always a bigger fish. Alternatively, for all of its flaws, Patreon makes it easy to monitor who has donated for what rewards package, and that’s helpful for us to manage and organize what we need to give to who. Also, with the introduction of content exlusive to Patrons only, there is a lot of technology baked into the platform that makes this much easier than it would be otherwise.

So, here we are. We’ve put a fair amount of work into updating our reward tiers, Eric July went and put together a fantastic video for us to promote the account, just in time for a majority of our audience to despise the platform.



We are choosing to keep our Patreon account, for now. We like the idea of being able to provide our supporters with something in return, and the mechanics that Patreon’s platform offer make that much easier to achieve. With that said, we hear you, and we want to make sure we can offer a viable alternative to those who choose to not deal with Patreon. We’ve built out a donations page, which you can find here, or by going to and clicking “Support Our Work” on the top menu. On this page, our Patreon is listed with other options; crypto wallets, and a recurring PayPal donation. If you have issues with the Patreon platform but still want to help support what we do here at Being Libertarian, please take a moment to check out this donations page, and see if you can find a platform that you feel more comfortable supporting us through.



We’ve been working hard here at Being Libertarian, and for the most part the entirety of this work is just being grinded out by passion alone through many contributors. We want to be able to bring you more content, more often, on more platforms, and we want to do this in a way that is scalable. We want to make sure contributors are paid for their contributions, and platforms that we’re on can be consistently paid for as well. Your donations to Being Libertarian, through Patreon, or whichever medium is most comfortable for you, is what can help us achieve these goals.

We will continue to keep our eyes open for new platforms, and should one present itself that will allow us to continue to offer rewards for those who choose to support us, we will gladly consider it. We support those who are working to pave a new way in this field, and we’re eager to see what comes of their work. However, in the meantime, we also need to work as hard as we can to make sure we’re keeping the lights on.

Thank you for supporting us, from the readers to those who donate. We will continue to work as hard as we possibly can to bring you new content, and should you decide to donate, your generous donations will go a long way toward Being Libertarian growing to what we know it can become.

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