Perspectives: Do Clinton Supporters Know What They’re Getting Into?


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Dillon Eliassen: Welcome back to Perspectives, the Interweb’s 12,883 most popular weekly feature. Let’s try to have a little fun with this one. Though it may seem like a rhetorical question, try to answer it as  best you can: “Do Hillary Clinton voters understand what a Hillary Clinton presidency will entail?”

Gary St. Fleur: When it comes to Hillary Clinton supporters, I am beyond speechless. I do not know what they believe or what they support. A Trump presidency would be far more manageable than a Clinton one. He few allies in government. It will be four years of nothingness. Not bad by my estimation.

Alon Ganon: I don’t think so, because so many seem to be so focused on Trump they have blinders on. You would not believe how many voters I have confronted with quotes from Clinton’s emails, or her past statements e.g. the superpredator comment regarding young black males. I mean they want to paint Trump as a racist, and yet up until this election Donald Trump was praised by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, among others. Even Louis Farrakhan has called out Clinton and he is a diehard Democrat as we know. I mean she brags about, “before it was called Obamacare it was called Hillary Care.”

So no, I don’t think people supporting Clinton actual know at all what a Clinton True. presidency entails. The worst part is they try to state her husbands successes somehow qualify her for office. However Bill Clinton wasn’t that successful, and the successes of your spouse are in no way capable of being attributed to yourself. Clinton honestly has no successes of her own, as senator what did she do? She even tried to promote the clipper chip and the extremely flawed FIPS-185 “escrowed encryption” protocol that could potentially backdoor encrypted connections.

On top of her racist comments, she believes in censorship. I will never forget in school even when little all of my friends were calling Clinton a “bitch” for trying to go after violent video games. The ironic thing with Clinton is she is EXTREMELY conservative according to her emails, she and Bill apparently still believe in DOMA, and many social regulations. Including their crime bill which penalized a lot of black communities.

Dillon: I think most people who vote for one of the major political party do so just because they hate the other political party.

John Engle: I think they do. There has probably never been a politician whose actions, personality, and behavior have been more thoroughly vetted and examined by both friend and foe. And they are probably not wrong to surmise that her presidency will be more of the same, which it no doubt will be.

Dillon: Sometimes I find myself wondering, “Do Hillary Clinton supporters think that higher corporate taxes won’t affect them as well?”

Mike Avi: I’m inclined to feel that most Americans who vote (LP supporters included) tend to minimalize the severity of transgressions made by party leaders/candidates against the general public. And this election exemplifies the greatest degree of crime dismissal I’ve ever seen or read about in any past election. So, generally, no, her supporters probably don’t have a realistic vision of what her administration would look like. To be fair, her detractors are often just as bad.

Nima Mahdjour: HRC supporters are in my experience generally the most uninformed political amateurs I have ever seen...but coupled with a completely weird, undeserved, disproportionate, pathological urge to lecture others on how dumb and uninformed they are.

Dillon: Abortion is another topic that Democrats and Hillary view in this very bizarre way.To hear Hillary tell it, all women want abortion rights, and all pro-lifers want laws where a woman would not be allowed to terminate a pregnancy even if her life is in danger, or if she is pregnant as a result of rape. But, pro-choicers and pro-lifers are split down the middle of the population, and over the yers the variances in statistics over women who are either pro-life or pro-choice varies somewhere around 45-55% in either direction. But let’s say you are a single issue voter, and that issue is abortion. Would you vote for someone who has said, “I believe that the potential for life begins at conception.” Now, of course “the potential for life begins at conception” is not the same as “life begins at conception” but when was the last time you heard a strong proponent of abortion rights say something like this? Normally it’s “oh, it’s just a clump of cells.”

Or what if you were a liberal and prized uber alles free speech? If you had any idea what Clinton has said about restricting different kinds of speech and entertainment. For example she described Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as “one of the most violent television programs on television today.” If you were a non-lunatic college campus snowflake who still valued free speech, would you not pause before voting for Clinton?

Nima: That’s why those people are voting Trump or 3rd party, I think.

Dillon: They say that now but I doubt many actually will. In 2012 GJ polled at 5% and won 1%. Jill Stein polled 1-2% and earned less than half of 1%.

Nima: Sure, 3rd party will probably be negligible, but during some primaries up to 30% of Sanders voters said they’ll vote Trump unless Bernie wins the primaries.

Nicholas Amato: know this is not an argument, but I know a lot of people that said the same. Wonder how much of that stuck

Nima: It‘ll probably end up being even more, landslide material in my speculation.

Nicholas: I’m starting to think my prediction of a Trump win is going to be a thing for sure, and not just a prediction. He’s got a good last minute swing.

Gary: I am not sure why people are afraid of trump. Do they think he will unilaterally implement his policies?

Nima: Because the MSM told them to be afraid.

Nicholas: Exactly, do they think he can just do things willy-nilly? Maybe because that’s what they think the president can do, because they’re illiterate and illogical plebs.

Dillon: President Trump will be a godsend to the media and liberty movement.

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