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Being Libertarian Perspectives will serve as a weekly, multi-perspective opinion and analysis piece by members of Being Libertarian’s writing team. Every week the panel, comprised of randomly selected writers, will answer a question based on current events or libertarian philosophy. Managing Editor Dillon Eliassen will moderate and facilitate the discussion.

Dillon Eliassen: This election season, there has been no shortage of sexy pictures of Melania Trump shared on social media and published by media outlets. She’s a former model and has taken “racy” pictures.

Ni Ma: Hot as fuck!

Dillon: It seems to me that everyone is losing their goddamn minds about her.

Ni: People losing their minds about something Trump related? No!

Mike Avi: It’s definitely speciesism against lizard people.

Dillon: Is she being shamed as a way to undermine The Donald’s campaign? It’s 2016. Why are people so uptight that a former model would take sexually provocative pictures? Obviously, it’s hypocritical for liberals to take shots at Trump and Melania, yet their heroes, Bill Clinton, the Kennedy bros and FDR all had plenty of dalliances. They make the argument that your personal life is your business and no one else’s… unless you’re a Republican.

Ni: Because she’s Trump’s wife and they are trying every possible angle to finally effectively attack the guy. Trump is a total alpha male. The liberal media hates alpha males. Having a bombshell wife is an alpha male thing, so they attack him for it in desperate hopes that it’ll score some points.

Dillon: Is Melania’s portfolio of sexy pictures proof that Trump is unfit to sit in the Oval Office? Just about anything he has said or done in the past shows that, there’s no need to take shots at Melania.

I’d theorize this is payback for Trump picking on Heidi Cruz, or saying nasty things about the appearances of other women, but the criticism of Melania is coming from the Left, and the Left, who freak out whenever a woman is criticized for public displays of sexuality, would never be so hypocritical.

Micah Fleck: I think it’s more about people trying to point out Republican hypocrisy. But in the end, it’s still a non-issue no matter how one chooses to spin it. Neither Melania’s tits, nor a prudish party’s acceptance of said tits, affect public policy. I don’t see how her getting ahead on her assets is worthy of criticizing her husband’s potential presidency on.

Neil McGettigan: I can’t stand the woman. She came over on a false visa application from one of Trump’s modeling agencies and quickly found a way to extend her stay. It’s unpopular to slut shame but she would still be in Slovenia if genetics had given her a bra size a cup smaller. Both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were First Ladies that were educated at elite law schools, now we are getting a foreign opportunistic jezebel.

Micah: As a student of an Ivy League school myself, I can relate that merely attending one doesn’t make someone necessarily more deserving than a model-turned-politician’s wife of becoming First Lady. We’ve got some dummies at my school.

Avens O’Brien: Melania Trump is proof that immigrants do the jobs Americans don’t want to…but in seriousness, only the mainstream seems offended by her photos, and it’s because America is still a prudish fucking nation.

Neil: I don’t hate her for taking nude photos; I despise the fact that it is her only talent. Trump claims she was trained to be an architect. SHOW ME SOME BLUEPRINTS! SHOW ME SOME HOUSES! I read building plans for my job, if I see some skill and ability, I’ll take back what I said. If not then I stand by my statement of shipping her and her anchor baby son Barron back to Slovenia.

Ni: I think the original reason why the story broke is just a pure eyeballs calculation for the Post. But, I guess you can speculate about how the rest of the media intends to use it.

Avens: New York Post, Daily Caller… There’s sensationalism going on regarding her photos, but it seems entirely manufactured by mainstream media, as most people don’t seem to give a shit. Most likely the Post just wanted the clicks/sales.

Mike: I don’t take the office of the first spouse too seriously. No one elected them and their vested powers are limited to color swatches and fine China selections.

Neil: The position of First Lady is really a domestic diplomatic post. Every First Lady in memory was supposed to talk to school children and educate the nation on domestic issues. Melania can barely speak English and her knowledge of domestic issues is limited to skyscraper apartments she lives in where she screams at domestic servants.

Micah: Perhaps. I could get more behind a criticism like that. But her celebrating her sexuality isn’t worth criticizing.

Ni: Her English is better than my Slovenian.

Dillon: Supposedly she speaks three other languages on top of those two, French, German and Serbian, which I think is impressive. I can barely get by in Spanish, Italian and Norwegian, and I’m fluent only in American English and British English.

Mike: Ditto to Neil and Micah. Honestly, I’m disappointed at the inability of liberals to target her without the sexist crusade. You’d think this election would’ve cornered them into attempting consistency by now.

Neil: I’m not against people being sexually expressive; I’m against her sex appeal being the center-piece of her otherwise empty resume. If Melania is First Lady material then so is Kim Kardashian.

Avens: Hell, I’m in a bunch of feminist groups on Facebook, most fairly liberal besides my own, and they’re all annoyed about slut shaming, and sharing memes and messages about how fucked up it is that this is an issue. That slut shaming isn’t okay. Most do point out the hypocrisy of Republicans in supporting a man who has been married three times (and cheated on wife #1 with wife #2) and then having an immigrant wife while the party is anti-immigration and “pro-family values.” But Melania’s nude photos don’t really add much to the narrative. If anything, I can see conservatives who can’t stand Trump using Melania to try to disengage evangelicals and other conservatives from his campaign because of his wife.

Neil: Every president in recent memory married women to be partners, as equals. The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Reagans. Trump’s third wife is a reflection of his character. He married her only for her looks, and she had over a billion reasons to say yes to him.

Micah: That doesn’t really address my point; in fact it supports it. “Equals” to them on paper. For appearances, right? What if Trump actually loves her? She’s not going to do anything Earth shattering if she becomes First Lady regardless of where she went to school.

Avens: She’ll be the second FLOTUS not born in the US, that’s her notable achievement LOL.

Neil: Someone once said of the Clintons, “It works because Hillary loves Bill and Bill loves Bill.” I imagine it’s a similar dynamic in the Trump household.

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