Police Remove Jill Stein From Presidential Debate Grounds


Early Monday morning, Jill Stein was escorted off the Hofstra campus in a police van for trying to board a media bus without credentials and refusing to exit. A tweet by Eliza Collins caught the attention of the attention of the university security, and the Nassau County police department who were on campus. Once found, she was asked to leave and complied, as she was not even allowed to be on campus.

Stein’s press secretary, Meleiza Figueroa made a statement on the issue, saying: “So that’s exactly what we did — we complied. We were there under legitimate pretenses,” though that claim seems to be false, because she wasn’t allowed to be on campus per the rules.

To be able to board the media bus for the debate, you have to be credentialed, regardless. To even get onto the Hofstra Campus if you’re not a student or faculty, you have to either have a ticket to the debate, be a credentialed member of the media, or be a guest of a credentialed media person. And to be a guest, you have to be credentialed two weeks in advance.

Figueroa also noted that Stein supporters are expecting to meet with Stein and gather and protest for her entrance to the debate around 5:30 pm, attempting to escort her onto campus and into the debates. This demonstration is highly likely to get her detained and arrested, again, along with many or all of her supporters, and is likely to be an unsuccessful protest.

Stein is already under fire, and being asked to pay a fine and possibly serve jail time for her destruction of property and vandalism at the North Dakota Pipeline during a protest just a few weeks ago.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, are at Hofstra as well. Sarwark was approached with the same problem, and has now gathered with Johnson supporters in the “Free Speech Zone” — a parking lot that Hofstra has allocated for people not allowed into the debates. Sarwark has already given a speech there on the issue, and Johnson is expected to as well, in front of his supporters and anyone else in the zone. Both Johnson and Sarwark have been protesting peacefully and within the bounds of the rules, and have not been arrested, and plan not to be at any point.

During the 2012 election cycle, Stein — who was also the Green Party nominee then — had a similar fate for breaking the rules in attempting to attend the event, which also occurred at Hofstra University.

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