President-Elect Trump & The ‘LGBT’ Lie

Message to my Friends in the American Media trump, Republicans

There has been tremendous uproar as President-Elect Trump continues his march to the White House, and begins appointing cabinet members to his administration. Liberal tears have flooded the streets, and fire departments are beginning using them to put out the fires that cuckolded college students have been igniting in Democratic communities.

One of the biggest cards that the “social justice” faction of the left has been using, is the LGBTQIIAA!%^&#? community. Apparently, they are in danger, somehow, and we must all scramble to protect them from Trump’s alleged bigotry.

Now, to be clear: I am gay. And though I know I do not speak for all gays, I will say this: As a community of people; gays, lesbians, and the trendy bisexual hipsters, should all feel more protected knowing Trump is in office!

It is imperative that we stick to the facts, instead of letting rusty rhetoric (that has been rehashed over the years) drown out our voices.

I am here to do one thing, and one thing only; I am here to make the case for Donald Trump and why his presidency will protect ‘sexual deviants’ like me.


Enter the Middle East; a hotbed in which the ‘religion of peace’ thrives and holocausts regularly occur against gays and women.

As chaos has engulfed the nations of Syria and Iraq; as war has continued to impose itself as the self-anointed status quo, millions of lives have been damaged.

In natural response, many families have begun to evacuate – with or without their belongings – to flee these unlivable conditions. Thousands of these poor, innocent, anti-gay and anti-women souls have poured out of the vacuum of the Middle East and run with calloused Hobbit feet to the promised lands of Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

They ran across bodies of water, they drained their souls rowing boats, and they used their iron teeth to gnaw away at oppressive, racist borders. Now, here they are:


For all their brave sacrifice, these nations’ leaders even gave them thousands of women to rape. Why shouldn’t they? These poor, tired victims traveled thousands of miles, with carry-ons bigger than their bodies, to simply find a drop of water, a stitch of clothes, and thousands of dollars in welfare. They should be rewarded with more benefits! I mean, after all, it’s hard work raping Swedish women!


I know I’m not allowed to speak on these things – since I’m a white beta male – but then I remembered that facts don’t care about feelings.

The truth is that these migrants have quickly washed over the European continent with a rape epidemic as bad as the Bubonic Plague. In Germany alone, these migrants account for 402,741 crimes above the average, according to reports from Breitbart.

But I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not unbiased!!!” but don’t worry about that, because neither are you!

Breitbart didn’t make up these statistics, nor take ownership of them. These statistics come from studies and reports conducted by the German government. In fact, Angela Merkel herself regrets enacting her open door border policy, primarily because of what the migrants have done to German women.

But enough about rape culture; let’s get more into the main course.

In Dresden, Germany, a refugee by the name of Rami Ktifan decided to come out as gay to the other refugees he had been taking residence with; this quickly became one of the worst decisions he had ever made.

Rami lost every shred of dignity he had, and then some, to the vicious attack dogs of Islam. He was verbally and physically abused, and someone even attempted to burn his feet while he was sleeping.

“The Lesbian and Gay Federation of Berlin reports three-to-six cases a week where gay asylum-seekers have been abused” says an article by The Washington Post.

Rami is just one of many cases throughout the West that have suffered from the devastating effects of open doors policies, and letting in “muh refugees”.

Trump has expressed (and maintained) that he will not let “refugees” in. Especially considering that in the UK, 52 percent of Muslims want a ban on homosexuality; and 33 percent want Sharia law implemented. These frightening figures and more are discussed in a video done by Ben Shapiro (a conservative political commentator, columnist and author) in which he dispels the “myth of the radical Muslim minority”.

As Milo Yiannopolous once said: “These people [refugees] are different… they haven’t assimilated like previous generations of immigrants.”

Of course, how could we also forget the simplest of arguments?

Say we have a bowl of Skittles, and a few unidentified candies are poisoned. Do we reach into the bowl? Anyone with an ounce of common sense would say no, and feel inclined to evade the person that offered and casually gave that disclaimer. Match this with the ‘refugee crisis’, and you have the reasoning behind the conservative position.


Another big crutch for the “special snowflakes” of the LGBT+ community, is that they feel that Trump and the Republican Party as a whole are very transphobic. Now, before we even consider the fact that this isn’t a real word, or an actual thing, let us first deal in hypotheticals.

Entertain the term for a moment – and let’s suppose transphobia were real – what would it look like? Certainly it wouldn’t look like Caitlyn Jenner shitting in Trump’s bathroom after Trump said he’d let him, right?

A “phobia” is an irrational fear of something; but no one is “afraid” of transgender people. As Gavin McInnes put it, “we’re not afraid of you – we feel bad for you – and want you to get help!” In addition to this, Trump supports the #WeShootBack effort that Milo Yiannopolous began after Pulse (a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida) was shot up by a Muslim terrorist.

This effort spread like wildfire in gay communities throughout the West Coast; LGBT citizens were taking up arms to defend themselves and gun sales began skyrocketing.

Trump has advocated time and time again that Americans exercise their rights to self-preservation, and received the endorsement of the NRA as the “Second Amendment Candidate”. He wants us to be able to protect ourselves from the leeches of the third world, from the criminal Islamists that want us (those of the LGBT+ community) to hang from trees and cranes, and from the true infidels that want to dance around a bonfire piled high with dead gays and women.

I will leave you, the reader, with one final thought: In America, to be gay is simply to be a member of a flashy community – in American society the worst bigotry you face is walking out of a store with no cake; However, in the Islamic world, you would suffer torture, imprisonment, and brutal murder. Take your pick; go the American way! At the end of the day, it’s the only thing protecting you.

* Jacob Burke is a 17 year old conservative born and raised in a tight-knit urban community. He currently attends Chelsea High School and has enrolled into Bunker Hill early college courses. His ambitions are to join the ranks of his local police department, resign and become a Senator, and maybe one day become the President. He is very passionate about history, politics, and economics. SJWs hate him because, much like the known Milo Yiannopoulos, he is gay and can’t shut up about his black boyfriends. Though they also cannot pin him to stereotypes — he doesn’t have a religious dogma, and he despises organized religion.

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