Prominent Political Commentator Endorses Gary Johnson

johnson and weld

Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and former contributor to The Young Turks endorsed Gary Johnson in a new video, starting off with a heavy usage of the word “broken” to describe the American political process.

Rubin describes Hillary Clinton as the “ultimate insider trying to maintain her grip on power”, citing multiple controversies and scandals involving the democratic presidential candidate. He mentions her “willful ineptitude at best” and “gross negligence” with her emails along with the Clinton foundations ties to multiple foreign governments as reasons not to support Clinton. According to him, she would just be a progression of the current “broken system” of American politics.

For Trump, Dave Rubin describes him mostly as a wild card that does not know how to govern in such a powerful position. “He would say anything, quite literally anything, to stay in the news” and because of that is an unpredictable policy maker, and possibly a threat to the freedom of speech and press within the United States.

He remarks that the United States has become a country obsessed with reality television, and has thus led to the two current candidates.

“The truth lies somewhere in between”. Although Rubin remarks on the “broken” state of the American political system, he concedes that it is one of the best in existence.

In a plea for civil discussion, Mr. Rubin states: “What I hope for, not ask for, is that all of us, whether you support Hillary or Trump, are able to sit across from people who support the other person”.

Finally, Rubin concludes “we must… put both the Democrats and Republicans on notice that they no longer have a stranglehold on the political process in America”. Finally, he states:

“For these reasons and for others, I will be supporting Gary Johnson for President of the United States. I don’t think Gary is the perfect man nor the perfect candidate, and I expect that he doesn’t think he is either, but he’s sure better than these other two options. As a libertarian, Gary doesn’t want to tell you who you can marry, what you can smoke. He wants lower taxes and to empower local, not federal government, which in my view is a good thing. He wants to hand the power back to the people to control their own lives…”.

Rubin also mentions the Libertarian party looking like a “total mess”, but that “sometimes you have to stand on principle even when you know the result will be a short term loss.”

With so many Americans becoming disenfranchised with the two parties that be, it is certainly a great refreshment for many to see a third more agreeable option.

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