1. “One thing is for sure, most libertarians I know would take a ‘President Paul’ over what we have right now, any day!”


    True, but irrelevant. The Pauls have spent decades hassling the Liberty Movement by running as Republicans. And, as Rand, and his father Ron, have shown, it’s possible in some districts to get elected as an R even if you are fundamentally an L. That gets you some publicity, and a nice pension, and a cool job. But, it gets you the ability to accomplish nothing of substance for the Liberty Movement.

    The reason is that the R party is overwhelmingly the home of conservatives – not libertarians. The R party will not support any serious libertarian-minded policy prescriptions. This is why almost everyone knows that Ron spent some 26 years in Congress – yes, over 2.5 decades, and managed to pass exactly zero legislation of significance. The principal effect of his long stint in Congress was to garner a nice pension.

    Some people are enamored of being close to those who seem close to the levers of power. These people are foolishly (and hopelessly) trying to take over the R party. One might as well spend time trying to take over the D party. And, even if – in some fantasy world – libertarians could take control of the R party, then the conservatives would leave. They would not stick around to support candidates that want to end the war on drugs, want to de-militarize cops, end American nation-building abroad, endorse same-sex marriage and other wise shrink the federal government significantly. Conservatives would leave the R party rather than support such policies. and, if the conservatives leave in any substantial numbers, then the Rs will be unable to defeat the Ds anywhere in America. What would be the point of “taking over” a crashed R party whose current members leave in droves?

    Political parties are places where like-minded people gather to aggregate their political power, recognizing that in America you have to build political majorities to affect public policy in a major way. There is simply no substitute for libertarians to actually spending the time, money and energy to build a viable political party of their own. The Ds and Rs have a 150 year jump on the libertarians in 1) identifying like-minded people in the community, 2) organizing the libertarian-thinking people into a political party, and 3) turning them out at the polling booths.

    Lots of people are doing that hard work. Rand is not helping; he is just siphoning off time, money, and energy getting himself a cushy job and pension.

    The Rs, of course, are perfectly willing to welcome the libertarians who vote R; it’s a variation of Michael Corleone’s notion that it’s wise to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Libertarians who work amongst the Rs are just dupes being used.

  2. “Rand Paul is marketable! ”

    Gary Johnson was picked for the LP nomination for just this reason. Most people knew he had flaws but he had a resume and some name recognition. Rand has flaws as well. Johnson was later attacked by some Libertarians because of his flaws. Rand has already been criticized for some of his. I don’t see him as any better than Johnson. He has already shown himself willing to cave to party leadership pressure.

    I expect to vote Libertarian regardless of who the Republicrats pick but It sure would be nice to see Trump primaried.

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