Red Dirt Liberty Report: Inexcusable Political Behavior


The Democrats decided not to rally behind some of their own in order to press Republicans to do the same. Al Franken was a sacrificial lamb intended to signal to Republicans to do the same when it comes to Roy Moore. But, let’s not put all props to the Dems for their sacrifice against sexual harassment. After all, there was actual photographic evidence in Franken’s case, and the Dems were just first to the punch. Republicans might have done the same in their situation, and the GOP can be just as disingenuous. I am not saying Roy Moore is guilty. Nor, am I saying he is not. I am only saying there have been no trials and there is a mass of proclamations against all sorts of public people accusing them of sexual harassment. Maybe they are all true, but I suspect many are not, and it is terrible that people use such accusations as anything but true want for justice. It cheapens the real accusations and reduces the possibility of them being pursued more fully.

In any case, it grows very tiresome when sexual misconduct accusations become more about political strategy than about justice for victims. Whether these political parties back away from one of their own and reject their affiliation has more to do with positioning and public opinion about the party than it has to do with actually demanding justice and an assumption of innocence until proven guilty (although, it’s hard to argue with actual pictures). I say this of both Democrats and Republicans: neither side should use such an opportunity for grandstanding, just in case an accuser might have ulterior motives (often encouraged by operatives), and they shouldn’t use the opportunity to barter sacrifices of with whom they will sever ties, just in case a person might actually be guilty.

One could easily argue that all of this has to do with the power of a two-party system that locks out other political adversaries and permits a battle of just one against the other. However, the same sorts of situations exist in other countries with multi-party systems. Party before conscience and integrity is common and historic. It is nothing new. Perhaps if we just elected only members of the Libertarian Party, it would make a difference? They don’t seem to like anyone well enough to have such a party loyalty. They tend to hate each other worse than members of the other parties.

The real problem isn’t political parties and group think backing party first, no matter what. That’s just a symptom of a deeper problem. The real problem is a government that has enough power that it becomes too important to not place party above all else. Losing political power means losing far too much power under current circumstances. There is a lot more at stake than there should be.

When a bloated system of huge amounts of programs designed to distribute pay checks to people from the government is at stake, and members of political parties might lose their power over it, it becomes too important. When there exists a very far reaching military presence in all parts of the world that has an impact on almost all foreign policy between almost all nations around the globe, there is just too much power involved to make it unimportant. Whichever party maintains control, maintains heavy control over almost everyone in the world in some form or fashion. The loss of even one individual or an embarrassment by even one individual can jeopardize so much power that members of political parties feel forced to rally behind despicable behavior and consider even accusations as reality.

The only way to stop such ridiculous madness is to disincentivize it. By taking away the enormous power they hold over everyone, we reduce the need for political officials to place common decency and the best interests of their constituents below the needs of their respective parties. By reducing their power, we can reduce all the ridiculous group think toward protecting despicable behavior – and even encouraging it. Want to reduce corruption? Then, reduce the power that feeds it. At what point do people get sick enough of this that they are fed up enough to end it?

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Danny Chabino

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