Sarwark: The LP Needs Better Outreach


On this edition of Being Libertarian Presents, Michael Brokamp interviewed the Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Nicholas Sarwark.

Sarwark stated that he believes the Johnson/Weld ticket is doing great things for the party, as it has resulted in almost doubled membership, doubled fundraising amounts, and high polls. He also assessed the success in noting that the Democrats are now bankrolling attack ads against Johnson.

In discussing the debates, Sarwark asserted that the Commission on Presidential Debates — which is a bipartisan committee — is so scared of the Libertarian ticket that you had to have credentials to be interviewed at the first presidential debate. Sarwark then analogized the race as a competition between the two parties trying to sell you two moldy sandwiches — Trump and Clinton — versus a taco truck selling tacos at the same price: Gary Johnson.

On the trend of state and local candidates leaving the GOP, Sarwark actually predicted that the trend of people leaving will continue from both the Democratic and Republican parties, due to the unfavorability ratings of both candidates, and the old and tired ways of the parties themselves.

On the fear that the message of liberty will be diluted upon the growth of the party, Sarwark noted that it is a worthy fear, but also a worthy risk to take. He said he has spoke with the local and state candidates that have left their parties for the LP this cycle, and that all of them generally fit the libertarian mold really well. Sarwark said that he doesn’t see the divide between the pragmatists and purists within the LP from the top, but he argued that “the difference is between the people who want to go out and talk to others that don’t agree, yet, and those that want to talk to each other” only internally. He said there are a lot of people that are bad at outreach, and that that’s the biggest challenge the LP has.

In discussing oddities at the Libertarian Party Convention, Sarwark quipped that James Weeks’ striptease was an ineffective attempt at trying to win the Chairman spot. Sarwark lauded the diversity of marketing, and interesting events and people that exist at the Libertarian Convention, especially this cycle, and pointed out that the “reason the media was there, is because we actually have interesting conventions,” and that unexpected things happen. Sarwark expressed his feeling that “we’re doing something right” when hit pieces come out on the party and its members are, and when the media picks on Libertarians.

Sarwark then dispelled the notion once again that a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for either Trump or Hillary, and mentioned a campaign called Balanced Rebellion that ensures that “if you’re really that concerned with not providing a vote” to one of the top candidates, that it matches you with another person concerned with not providing a vote to the opposite candidate, allowing you both to vote for Gary Johnson.

In closing, Sarwark discussed the future of the Libertarian Party, saying things are looking positive, and that the party will eventually be in a place to overtake one or both of the top parties.

If you are looking to join the Libertarian Party or would like more information you can do so via the party’s official website.

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