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Now I don’t know how much of you enjoy a good rap song, especially in the modern era of face tattoos and pill inhaling lyricists, but I for one am a fan of 21 Savage. But that’s not why I’m writing about him today. On February the 3rd, 2019 Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph aka 21 Savage was arrested, but the reason may surprise you. It wasn’t because he was caught with a firearm or drugs, nor did he get hit with a tax lien. ICE picked him up. Why? Allegedly 21 Savage is actually a U.K. National who’s visa expired in 2006. Now here’s why that’s strange.

21 Savage is currently 26 years old. Apparently, his family moved to DeKalb County, Georgia, when he was 11. His visa expired a year later. Since then, Mr. Savage as I’m going to refer to him throughout this article had gotten into the street life after being banned from every school in the country, which led to him getting shot 6 times in 2013 alongside losing close friends to the streets in a similar manner. In 2014 he was convicted of felony drug possession. Now you think that’d be the time that law enforcement would notice his visa had been expired for 8 years at that point. Nope.

The following year he put out what we in the Hip Hop community call a “fire mixtape”. This was the first of 3 that year which grew his national prominence in the music business. In 2016 He released an EP that went Gold as well as had 2 singles that went platinum or higher. One song had multiplatinum rapper Future on as a feature. I’m not trying to make a biography here. I’m just trying to paint a picture of the continued incompetence of the federal, state, and municipal government here. Why Mr. Savage was out here building a name for himself in the very public music industry, I can only assume that all law enforcement that should have stopped him from getting this far was sitting on their hands or twiddling their thumbs.

In 2017, 21 Savage released his debut studio album. Yes, on a major label too. This album would go Gold and have his most successful solo song to date which went triple platinum. All while dating model Amber Rose. He’d go on to feature on his first #1 song with Post Malone which went 7x platinum. At the tail end of the following year, he’d go on to release his critically acclaimed and successful 2nd album. How someone could get this famous, rich, and successful in the US while not being allowed to be in it astounds me.

And now we come to today. As I write this 21 Savage is facing deportation after ICE decided to do what they get paid taxpayer money to do after 14 years. This is the article I’ve written thus far. It amazes me that an illegal immigrant (who’s music I quite enjoy) was able to do all this and live this much life for this long. Living the American Dream as a UK National that ICE was just too useless to notice. And I didn’t even get into him being on his way to acquiring his pilot’s license so he could fly his own private plane. I don’t know whether I live in the real-life version of a Grand Theft Auto game but I salute 21 Savage for living out his dreams.

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Malcolm Ault

Malcolm Ault is a Canadian fan of Hip Hop, Video Games, and Liberty, as well as a writer for Think-liberty.com