Ben Shapiro: “Gary Johnson Is Not Even Libertarian”



“Conservatives have to recognize that libertarians are largely right when it comes to the role of government, and libertarians have to recognize that conservatives are largely right when it comes to the idea that individual virtue matters,” said conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro in this edition of Being Libertarian Presents.

Michael Brokamp’s interview of Mr. Shapiro included wide ranging topics such as Black Lives Matter, the War on Drugs, poverty rates of two parent black households versus white single mothers, Shapiro self-identifying as a conservative versus a libertarian, Milo Yiannopoulos and the suppression of free speech on college campuses, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, among others.

Speaking on Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson & The Libertarian party in 2016, Shapiro said,

“I think a lot of conservatives look at the libertarian party and they see Gary Johnson, who is not even libertarian and a guy dancing naked with an iron cross tattoo and they go ‘okay, these are the people that want small government?’ That’s gross.”

Shapiro asserted that over the years the public embrace of personal freedom has gone by the wayside, as “more than half” of Americans traded it for the strong belief in government, which in turn created what he calls a “fundamental rift” in the fabric of our society. “What we’ve been reduced to in many ways,” he said, “is this sort of tribal identity” within the different social classes.

The full interview can be heard above.

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  1. WTF is a “libertarian” site doing promoting the bullshit of smarmy conservative like Shapiro. I hate the idea that conservatives—who are the vermin of American politics—go around lecturing libertarians about what libertarianism really means. They always end up with a definition that means libertarian is just another version of conservative. They are direct opposites, not allies.

  2. There is no perfect candidate. And if Gary Johnson is too luke warm for you then go start your own party. His global appeal is part of the charm. We are converting people by the hundreds of thousands to the libertarian party and you can’t be happy for the support. Is it diluting your perfect little ideals. Grow up. The party needs numbers and unity. Gary brings that. You are just bitter that you are still sitting at the kiddy table.

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