Honor Killing Averted in Thailand, Trudeau in Trouble, and the Shutdown Persists


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  • A Saudi Arabian woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in Thailand fearing deportation back to Saudi Arabia where her family might kill her.
  • Kim Jong-un met with Chinese officials before the second NK/USA summit, stating he felt negotiations were one-sided, but was still in favor of denuclearization.
  • The 10th anniversary of the deadly Urumqi riots in China came to pass. The event sparked censors to cut off internet access to the entire region for over 10 months.

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  • The Gidimt’en camp in norther British Columbia prepares for a clash with the Canadian police over their protest and blocking of a new natural gas pipeline.
  • Trudeau is in hot water over a violation of the internal rules of the House of Commons for recording a fundraising video in the Centre Block office.
  • A series of tax hikes and deductions have starting moving into place for 2019.

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United Kingdom

  • A new law has come out regulating the internet. UK citizens will now be required to provide ID to access porn sites.
  • The Labour Party is pushing for a general election over the blunders of Theresa May, especially her handling of Brexit.
  • Some MPs have come out in full support of ‘No Deal’ for Brexit, leading one in particular to threaten to resign should that not take place.

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United States

  • The state of Oregon has taken steps towards the legalization of Psilocybin. Read more on this story here.
  • The shutdown persists as does the border debate with no end in sight.
  • Several congressmen have begun making their moves to prepare for the 2020 election.

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