Why Statists State Whether We Like It Or Not

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Why Statists State:  Facts don’t matter to the left or the right.

Ah yes, the ultimate question of libertarians to our statist friends:  why do you argue for the state?  Do you not believe in freedom and liberty?

The fact is, that the far left and the far right do not believe in freedom and liberty.  They claim to, but they (unfortunately) don’t grasp the actual concepts of the words “freedom” and “liberty.”  Both of them pervert these terms into what their own ideologies are.  That is the core of our problems in this country.

I hated numerous things about Barack Obama and some of the decision he made while in office.  To me, he seemed to be a far left, government hand out to everyone, raise the national debt as high as humanly possible in two terms, freedom sucking douche bag.

So what did I do when it came down to Trump or Clinton?  I voted for Trump, the one person who wasn’t a career politician, who I hoped would “bring balance to the force” so to speak, and get us back on the right track.

I’m slowly but surely proving to be wrong in my initial assumptions about him and his presidency.  And yes, I’m having some buyer’s remorse.

The thing is, at least I’m recognizing it.
I’m having the personal judgement to look at things from a critical thinking standpoint despite what my initial personal beliefs were.

The far right seems to have some carnal infatuation with their dearly beloved emperor that no matter what he does, or how completely he reverts on his campaign promises, they will support him blindly.  I swear to God, even if he drove us into 40 trillion dollars in debt, raised our taxes to 50%, and trashed the 4th amendment completely to make the job of cops easier to search and seize each of us, the far right would make excuse after excuse for him simply because they voted for him.

Cognitive dissonance people!  Look it up!  We are Americans, not peasants to worship one man.  One man does not equal America.  I don’t care who’s President.

The same can also be said for some of Trump’s pics.

Look at Jeff Sessions, for example, as the Attorney General.  This guy wants to push the war on drugs to full force, despite how any and all evidence points to how the contrary would benefit us as a nation; the “war” would only continue to make things worse.

He’s just like every far right wing friend I have.  Show them the proof all day long, and just because they don’t like it, and it isn’t in line with their political ideology, and their political picks (through Trump), they file it faster than you can blink.

The hypocrisy of this is that “conservatives” (me being one of them), during the Obama administration, used to love facts.

We would throw them in far left Liberal’s faces all the time over their nonsense arguments.

But now, facts don’t mean a thing to so called “conservatives” when they don’t like it.  They are now acting just like the left when it comes to facts!   It’s the same thing, just a different side of the political spectrum.

Of course, the far left are no different.  Try to teach them economics, and how there’s no such thing as “free” college, or no benefit to raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, and you’ll be scorned to hell and back for pointing out mathematical facts. There is no escape from math since is a completely non biased universal language that you can’t argue your way around.

As Libertarians, this is the nonsense we see from both sides:  What about “muh roads”?  No problem right wingers, if it’s that important, private individuals and corporations will offer to pay for it.

What about “muh birth control”? Get a job and pay for it yourself leftists!  What about “muh government protection”?  You right wingers have argued for years that you need the rights to carry a gun anywhere you want because cops can’t get there on time,  so what’s your problem now?

But, “muh abortions,” what about em’ leftists?  I’m not paying for that with my tax dollars, no one should have to.  But, “the gay marriages” what about em’ rightist??  Get over it.

It has nothing to do with you personally, or your religion, and getting government involved to force your personal ideologies on those who don’t align with your personal and religious beliefs is none of your business.  I don’t see you arguing that Satanists should not be allowed to get married; I could go on and on.

We have got to break through this barrier of right and left and just get back to what is in the best interest of the American people as a whole. What’s in the best interests of the individual, and what the Constitution actually says (and no, that document is not “fluid”).

The only way to do that, is get government out of the decision making process for our everyday activities.  No one, whether you are on the left or the right, knows how to run your personal life better than you – and you alone; without the government being involved.

* Shane Foster has worked his entire career in military law enforcement, corrections, and as a private investigator. He has a unique perspective into how law enforcement operates from within its ranks, our judicial system, as well as our privacy laws and how every day our individual freedoms and liberties are gradually taken away from us and our individual rights abused on a regular basis.


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