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The political left loves to paint the political right with the color of hate. The interesting thing about this is that it’s really just a means of projecting what they are themselves. Yes, the right is guilty of hate at the extremes of its membership (fascists), but both the left and the right look an awful lot alike at their extremes. Yes, one might consider communism to actually be the extreme on the left, but the more I hear from the mouths of those claiming to want “democratic socialism” the more it sounds like a slightly lighter version of communism, and many simply use the terms almost interchangeably.

The first part of the phrase is “democratic”, so how would one interpret that? What the majority think of when they think democracy is actually thinking about a representative form of government. However, in democracy, it is actually true majority rule. It is two wolves voting to eat the lamb, and the lamb has no real say in the matter because he is not in the majority. In nearly every case throughout history, the most heinous hate has come at the hands of a majority rule, handing down treatment against a group of people based upon some sort of hate for that group. Sometimes it is based around race, sometimes it is based upon religion, and sometimes it is based around income level or societal station. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia murdered millions of people for the sin of being educated and/or successful.

What happens when the majority decides that it’s okay to institute racism? We have seen the results of that before. What happens when the majority decides that, for whatever reason, some group of people is inferior to another or just simply deserves to receive inferior treatment somehow? I’m certain that triggered socialists (if any would even be daring to read this) would already be screaming that they are not about hating any group of people. But, I would argue that the modern democratic socialist hates the wealthy. They desire to either eliminate them or eliminate their wealth.

When one really considers socialism, it is hate in and of itself. It is hate of the individual. It strips human beings of their humanity by eliminating individuals and treating them as parts of masses. It’s so much easier to hate a faceless mass than it is to hate an individual. The process of socialism begins by collectivizing people into groups. To do this, individuals must first lose their individuality, thus dehumanizing them. Once individuals are dehumanized, hate ensues of one or multiple groups against another.

A system of grouping people in this way means that there will always be hatred and resentment. The democratic socialists want us to believe that their system will eliminate the causes of hate by eliminating the wealthy, but instead, they merely shift the wealth around to their favored classes and groups of people so that resentment and hatred only get stronger.

To remove the individual identity of a person is also hate. To take away humanity by viewing people collectively rather than as the individuals they are is one of the vilest acts of hatred there can be. Because it is by this method from which most hate comes. In most cases, a person has to be dehumanized before he can be hated. Socialism dehumanizes individuals. It removes all consideration of their needs, desires, and wants and averages them across an arbitrary grouping to be determined collectively. The powerful within government then send those resources to their favored groups on the backs of less favored groups.

It is a valid criticism that societies calling themselves capitalist often serve to make a wealthy class wealthier, but as I began this writing, the far left and the far right look an awful lot the same. It’s just different groups of people running the show. The socialists will first say they need to eliminate large masses of wealth in order to redistribute it. Then, they will redistribute that to make different people wealthy. No socialist government has ever resulted run prosperity for all.

The democratic socialists are currently demonizing business owners, making the wealthy into caricatures of evil hoarders of wealth and resources at the expense of everyone else, and in some cases even using racism and sexism. They are painting portraits of people we can all hate. It’s ironic that they decry any disagreement with them as hatred. They often also use race as a springboard in order to vilify the white male as a good target for hatred. Supporting democratic socialism will erase any strides the world’s society has made at all toward freedom, prosperity, and reducing hatred. If democratic socialism succeeds and is successful, it very well may usher in some of the most hate-filled, vile treatment of human beings we have seen in a long time. Democratic socialism IS HATE, and it must be stopped.

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Danny Chabino

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