Stop Worshiping Your Oppressors – If Not, You Give Them More Power


Politicians are not the ones who kidnap you when you have done nothing wrong.  Politicians are not the ones who kick in your door with a team to assault you over a plant.  Politicians are not the ones who harass and extort you day and night like pirates when you have harmed no one.  Politicians are not the ones who will “Come and take it”, when orders to confiscate your guns are given.  The people who will do this and are doing this are the police.

It’s almost comical how so many so called “liberty” minded people still bow to and worship their own oppressors they so passionately claim to want to be “free” from.

The guys in suits, who don’t have the backbone to face each of us individually, pass laws and are not going to be the ones enforcing them.

Guys with guns and a badge are the ones who carry out these acts.

It’s easy to convince people that “taxation is theft”, especially when it comes to personal income taxes they’ve worked so hard for.  But as soon as police get involved (which in this case would be the IRS SWAT team) the majority of these people will do a 180 and say “just do what you’re told.”

Well okay then, just turn in your guns, and just “get on the boxcar” while you’re at it (yes, that’s a Nazi reference to the orders given to Jews, if you didn’t pick up on that).

There’s an interesting psychological study that was done on “authority” called the Milgram study.  What this study determined is that 65% of random people will follow the orders of an authoritarian figure to cause pain, suffering, and torture to another random person they have no personal or emotional connection with if they believe it is for the “greater good”.  That’s 65% of random people.  When you add to that someone who already has authority granted by the government, it’s only reasonable to believe that this percentage would increase drastically.

It takes a real man or woman to stand up to authority and say “no”, but there aren’t many of those who will do so when their paycheck, and how they support themselves and their family, may depend on them “just following orders”.

There’s no way that the majority of police in this country would ever just lay down their badge, and say “I quit,” if given orders to do things that they or their authoritarian figures have justified to them as being “right” or for the “greater good”, even if it goes against the Constitution.

Those of them who would however, I’d welcome to our side of the team, although it would be very, very few.

We actually do have a Libertarian Cop friend amongst us, and he runs a Facebook page as well, located here:  Give him a like… he’s a very cool guy.

There are several stories on the internet of the police doing things that are clearly unlawful, unconstitutional, even to the extent of confiscating guns. Yet, for some reason, many people, even those who claim to be “liberty” minded and swear by the 2nd Amendment still end up excusing this behavior.

In New York, California, Massachusetts, and other states in the country, gun confiscations have happened; albeit on a relatively small scale, and leaving just enough “liberty” in place to try and say they are not violating your constitutional rights. These officers justified it in their minds because they were told it was “legal”, and they carried out their orders anyway when clearly it is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment.

It’s depressing to watch because essentially it means you want liberty, but you are unwilling to actually fight for it.  Stop having Stockholm syndrome, because that’s what you are doing.

I know what many of you are thinking right now “… but the police protect us.”

No, they actually don’t, and they realistically cannot.

If you don’t believe me, then if you are ever carjacked, have your house broken into while you are there, or have someone attempt to rob or rape you, go ahead and dial 911 and wait for the police to show up like a good little victim.

There are three reasons we need a police force:  #1, to write accident reports if we’ve been involved in one for our insurance carrier; #2, to investigate crimes after they have happened; #3, to maintain and run jails and prisons.

These are the only three forms of law enforcement that can realistically co-exist with liberty.  Other than this, we are all on our own, as we always have been.  The belief that you are protected by some magical government police force is a fallacy, and you need to come to terms with that.

“But their job is so dangerous, they risk their lives every day for us,” again, this is another fallacy.  There are many other professions who risk their lives every day way more than the police. This is another cop worship fallacy that has been fed to you over the years.

These are the most dangerous jobs in the United States.  You’ll notice that police officer is near the bottom of the list:

So when someone drops the line of “well next time you need help call a crack head instead of the cops,” just smile and reply, “Nah, I’ll call on my Glock (or whatever your preferred personal protection weapon of choice may be) for assistance. The response time in feet per second is much faster.”

The sad, but realistic truth is this.  If you’re a logical thinker, as most if not all libertarians are, then when you think it through from start to finish, if/when they try to “come and take it” in regards to your guns, or any other egregious type of unconstitutional activities of the same, the only logical conclusion is that eventually these types of actions if they continue will result in revolution.

If/when a revolution occurs, the majority of cops (if not all), at the local, state and federal level will protect their bosses, and stand against you.

If/when that happens… the people we will be fighting are going to be the police.

As uncomfortable as that thought is for most people (it’s uncomfortable for me as well) that is the reality and the only logical conclusion.  To deny this only means you are lying to yourself.  The vast majority of police will continue to do what they are told, and will justify it by saying they are “just following orders”, or claim they are following an arbitrary state law that clearly violates the Constitution, but just hasn’t been challenged yet to the Supreme Court. Even then, courts are not the last say on what is constitutional and what is not.

I’m writing this article because I believe this is a very crucial point that has to be made.

The vast majority, if not all law enforcers, are going to side with their employer if/when the time comes – not with you, not with us! I feel like it’s important that everyone understands that.

Every time you engage in some sort of worshiping of them, whether it is online, or otherwise, you are doing nothing but strengthening them, which is not good for liberty.

I’m not at all suggesting we side with violent criminals either, I’m simply stating that police are not the government protection force over you and our liberties that you have been falsely led to believe the majority of your life.

I’ll close with this:

“We the people are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert this great document.” – Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I disagree with this premise. Funny, i was thinking about this very topic (but i bundled police and soldiers together) while out on a run this morning.
    I am a Libertarian, a liberty lover. I am not one of the 65% from the study mentioned. While, yes, i couldn’t be a soldier or police officer since i feel the orders coming down are bogus and corrupt. And yes, i wish more cops and soldiers would speak up and voice their opposition to policy being used.
    And THAT, the policy, is what i feel should be loudly protested against. And who makes policy, the suits! Or management.
    With the police, they are there to ‘serve and protect’. The police officers, the boots on the ground cops should call bullshit on the policy title and voice what the real policy that they are operating under really is. The public, including us Libertarians should focus our efforts on exposing this fraud (the policy writers) instead of targeting the people ‘blindly’ following their orders.
    Same exact thing with the military, they are fighting for our national security. Once again, they should call bullshit! And again, so should the public. I say support the troops, oppose the war parties.
    Both groups (cops & solders) are the enforcers of aggression policies but there will always be people willing to step in and knowingly enforce these types of policies because the believe in aggression. So converting the enforcers will never be a solution because there will always be more to step in. The solution is change the policy by changing the policy makers. If the land’s head policy-maker (the President) was a NAP person we would be good to go. That is the solution.

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