In politics, it’s easy to make un-fact-checked claims about the economics of foreign countries, faraway states, and everything in between. The logic is sound: if socialism, or neo-liberalism, or capitalism are working (or failing) elsewhere, it will do the same thing

I’ve dabbled into commentary on the state of American politics before but it has become evident that politics, at least in America, is no longer about policy – it’s about rhetoric and culture. Utilitarian arguments simply aren’t heard and certainly

Rebellious legislators are healthy for liberty, but only if they rectify the injustices of the failed executive. The histories of Rome and Washington have long been intertwined. Since the early days of America, the Founding Fathers ingrained law, philosophy, and even

As the first 100 days of the Trump presidency passes, we can see that much has changed from the Obama era. Environmental regulation rollbacks, new tariffs, decentralization of education policy, and immigration crackdown are all among the shifts in governance that

I often hear experts proclaim: When markets fail, government should step in. Why? When one refers to "government," they obviously mean politicians and bureaucrats who are the decision makers in government. So, here is a Talisman: replace ‘government’ with ‘politicians and bureaucrats.’ Let’s

Presumable nominee for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton  has officially picked Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate for the November election. Kaine was the Governor of Virginia from 2006–2010 and has been serving as the junior United States Senator

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