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"Whether through purposeful manipulation or sheer happenstance, what we witnessed yesterday wasn’t a march for solutions, security, or morality, but rather a march against their own right to life and self-ownership, and with that, inevitably comes tyranny," writes Thomas J.

I wrote an article this week for Business Day about the African National Congress’ shocking call for the Premier of the Western Cape in South Africa, Helen Zille, to be prosecuted under proposed new hate speech laws because she tweeted

At the close of 2016, senior Breitbart editor and banned Twitter user, Milo Yiannopoulos, announced a quarter-of-a-million-dollar book deal with Simon and Schuster. The announcement inspired a deluge of Internet uproar against both the publishing house and the self-proclaimed Internet

In 2010 Hillary Clinton appeared thoroughly concerned about internet censorship in China: Clinton likened online censorship by countries such as China, Vietnam and Iran to the rise of communist Europe, warning that a new "information curtain" threatened to descend on the

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