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Your Tax Dollars At Work: How The US Government Bankrolls The Murder Of Israeli-Americans


The brutal massacre of 13-year-old Israeli-American Hallel Yaffa Ariel (pictured above) by 17 year old Palestinian terrorist Mohammed Tarayra on June 30 is the latest heartbreaking example of American taxpayer dollars being used to directly finance the murder of American citizens.

Hallel  was sleeping in her bedroom in Kiryat Arba near Hebron, when Tarayra snuck into her house. He found her napping, and then stabbed her to death in a macabre scene straight out of a Stanley Kubrick horror movie.


(The bedroom where Hallel was murdered)

What followed was the all too familiar culture clash again on naked display for the whole world to witness, and unfortunately, to ignore as usual. While Hallel’s mother publicly wept in grief and called for Israel to help emotionally support her devastated family, Tarayra’s mother circulated a video of herself on social media, where she proudly proclaimed, “My son died as a martyr defending Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque. Praise be to Allah, he is united with the martyrs before him, and he is not better than them. Allah willing, all of them will follow this path, all the youth of Palestine.”

Naturally, the revolting “culture” which begets a mother ecstatic that her son “defended Jerusalem” by stabbing a sleeping teenage girl in the back is tragic enough; what came next is even more egregiously offensive. As a “martyr” under the Palestinian Authority legal protocols, Mohammed Tarayra earned his family a nice, steady income by slaughtering a slumbering American Jewish girl; that stipend can reach 12,500 NIS per month, and rises commensurate with the crime committed against Israeli civilians, courtesy of the US taxpayer. What can be more wretchedly insane than a government which funds the murderers of its own citizens – other than the oblivious citizens who stand for such a government, and say nothing as this happens time and again?

Indeed, the “Knife Intifada,” as it has come to be called, has been raging since last fall. Egged on by overtly violent social media postings – which, somehow, never seem to violate “community standards” on Facebook when Jews are on the receiving end of this brutality – Palestinian youth have been stabbing civilians, ramming cars into crowds, and throwing rocks at passersby en masse. Hallel Yaffa Ariel is not the first American to die during the current intifada. Taylor Force, a US Army vet, was stabbed to death just hours after VP Joe Biden arrived in Israel for “peace talks” in March. Before him, 18 year old American Ezra Schwartz was murdered last November when a Palestinian intentionally drove his car into a crowd of civilians.

There have been over 250 such attacks since last fall alone, and three Americans (along with scores of Israelis) lost their lives in the past few months – but we can take this back decades, to Oslo and even before. In nearly all cases, the perpetrators of these gruesome killings were branded martyrs by the “official” Palestinian government in charge at the time. As such, they are lauded on Palestinian “state” social media, and lionized in state TV and newspapers, with streets officially named after them, and state-sponsored parades thrown in their memories – all for killing Americans and Israelis. These predators are lavished with all the financial benefits afforded to a “shahid” – the highest honor in all of Islam according to the Palestinian Authority. And that title equals a juicy stipend, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Obviously the American government doesn’t specifically fund the stipend for the murder of Americans; the American government actually subsidizes the entire Palestinian Authority itself, headed by the despotic dictator Mahmoud Abbas (currently entering his 12th year of what was supposed to be a 4 year term.) Just three days before Hallel was murdered, Sultan Abu al-Einein, Abbas’ senior adviser and a Fatah Central Committee member, publicly exclaimed, “Wherever you find an Israeli, slit his throat.” This quote was in response to the interviewer’s question about potentially normalizing relations with Israel. Lest we forget, these are our “moderate partners,” with whom we are supposed to live “side by side in peace and security.”  Mohammed Tarayra, and every useful idiot before him, was merely doing what he was told to do, by his own government, for which we pay.

And make no mistake, we pay dearly! To prop up this kleptocratic “moderate” Palestinian regime, Americans forfeit close to $400,000,000.00 per year. The alternatives, of course, are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, and other similar local terrorist organizations, all jockeying with each other for control over the welfare gravy train. All of the leaders of these various groups are multi-billionaires, and aren’t shy about flaunting it, because the tap never closes. Indeed, terrorism pays! With neighbors like these, perhaps it can be understood why Israelis just laugh and shake their heads when the world ignorantly emulates Rodney King by asking, Can you all get along?

However, there are tiny pinpricks of light in the darkness. Last October, shortly before the Knife Intifada began, the State Department announced the US was going to cut aid to the Palestinians by 22%, in a “message” to Abbas to curb the incitement (Clearly that worked). Three dead Americans later – not to mention dozens of Israelis killed and wounded – there finally seems to be some movement within the behemoth of American government. Last week, the US Senate Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs finally approved language regarding the aid we distribute to the PA, which reads in part that said aid will be cut “by an amount the Secretary of State determines is equivalent to the amount expended by the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization and any successor or affiliated organizations, as payments for acts of terrorism by individuals who are imprisoned after being fairly tried and convicted for acts of terrorism, and by individuals who died committing acts of terrorism during the previous calendar year.”

It looks like someone in the hallowed halls of Congress finally woke up. I italicized the line in the above passage, and it is key, since in the past the Palestinian Authority would just shuffle the vaunted stipend program to one of its gazillion affiliate wings to administer, ensuring that the golden American goose would keep on laying eggs. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the high offices of the PA: “What stipends? That’s not us! That’s the moderate Palestinian Liberation Organization in the next office down the hall! We’re the moderate Palestinian Authority!”

Regardless, there are still too many holes, and sadly, very little hope of closing them. The US State Department never met a Palestinian tyrant it didn’t love, and the discretion of a Secretary of State such as John Kerry hopefully needs no further elaboration. I’m sure he will come down like a ton of bricks on the Palestinians for the next American they slaughter, exactly as he has for Ezra Schwartz, Taylor Force, and Hallel Yaffa Ariel. Cue the crickets.

Likewise, there is almost no hope of convincing the Europeans and the Scandinavians, the two most generous benefactors in line after us, to abide by anything remotely approaching a humanitarian moral code – at least when it comes to respecting the sanctity of Jewish life. They will continue to pump money into the bottomless PA pit as they always have, because after all, it’s not Europeans and Swedes being murdered – it’s only Americans, and Jewish ones at that!

Ultimately, this is yet another example of our government’s breathtaking incompetence, baffling immorality, and abject senselessness. The Palestinian Authority subsists almost entirely on the American teat, giving the American government absolute leverage over the strings attached to our masochistic generosity. Instead of exercising that leverage, the American government is still merrily shoveling hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars toward the “shahids” who attained their highest honor by butchering American citizens.


Moshe pictured in Haifa, Israel. The author works in marketing at a private manufacturing company, and discovered his inner Zionist later in life.

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