The Fox Business Kids Table Question & Debate-A Libertarian Review



Welcome all to the being libertarian review of the 2016 happy hour debate for the Republican Party.

Here’s where we review the people who just well….. Are not going to be president. The guys who haven’t really raised much money, are a little off in campaign approach and their egos are the only ones keeping them here.

We have Christie Cream, HuckabeeFinn, Rick Santorum “that name is the joke in itself” and guy who proved Louisiana was so corrupt the claimed most racist state in the country elected an Indian guy twice in a landslide, Pyush Jindal.

Sadly, Jim Gilmore, George Pataki and Lindsay Graham couldn’t make the cut tonight, but despite all being extremely experienced, they’ve not had El Chapo put bounties on their heads yet and that makes them unpopular in the republican primary.

With that, I’ll be given the libertarian response to every question and a general review.

Let’s have fun….

Question 1. Plans for improving the economy

The Libertarian Answer-Deregulate the economy for blue collar positions, expand free trade, deregulate energy, make college more competitive, cut defense spending massively and deregulate the FDA.

The Review-First off, 90 millions Americans are not out of work. It’s called retirement. Second, Christie’s answer to support a low deduction tax plan which is smaller is actually very good. Well spoken and you can barely see the cries from his campaign imploding.

Question 2. Decline to the middle class & fewer manufacturing jobs

The Libertarian Answer-The answer to number one is mostly the same. The key for manufacturing though is deregulate and cut taxes, but let’s focus on creation of ideas over simple things. Aka, eliminate subsidized college degrees to get more tech and less philosophy degrees.

The Review-Huckabee’s answer is generic. The fair tax is fine, but he’s nowhere near smart enough to get it done.

Question 3. Payroll’s have expanded with Obama

The Libertarian Answer-Obama’s economy has grown. Aka, less debt spending, the gridlock in congress has lead to not doing anything and better foreign relations massively cut oil prices. Yet look, not good enough.

The Review-Santorum comes off kind of weak. He does speak very well though. Too bad his social views are disturbing to regular people. Also, respect for him bashing college and how the narrative everyone needs a degree is wrong.

Question 4. Louisiana’s high unemployment

The Libertarian Answer-Growth with Jindal has been okay. Also Louisiana has always been down. The key here however is examining welfare/crime. The welfare system traps poor people there and the war on drugs does it even worse.

The Review-Jindal answered terribly. Wow, just associate it with a path to socialism. The government should shrink, he’s just overstating things though.

Question 5. The Democrats Offer Free Stuff

The Libertarian Answer-Give 2-10 year severance to all people laid off from the cuts the republicans bring. Also, point out how people like Clinton and Sanders don’t live in reality.

The Review-Christie actually answered this shockingly well. Agreed with him on every point here.

Question 6. Incentivizing people to go to work over welfare.

The Libertarian Answer-Simple answer…. Negative income tax…. Welfare is trapping a lot of people from working and keeping them in poor locations.

The Review-Rick Santorum answered just okay. He tried to wrongly bring it into this family values nonsense, but his point was kind of okay. Only fun point is he looks very nice for his age….. Not much else though.

Question 7. Entitlement Reform is Political & Economic Suicide

The Libertarian Answer-Changing it so people on Medicare and social security have age adjusted for life expectancy and doing it for people who won’t get anything for 20 years is fine.

The Review-Huckabee’s answer lacks all reality. The fact is this. The cuts and reforms need to happen. Not just for basic fiscal sanity, but the government should always focus on spending less. Also, Huckabee is generic in how he’s genuine.

Question 8. Why does the GOP lose nationally?

The Libertarian Answer-Because Romney and McCain were terrible and the GOP is adopting radical social conservative positions making it so they can’t compete in many big states.

The Review-Jindal’s answer was moderately correct, but he will never ever talk about this over concern on marriage or abortion when people want economic reform. Also no, Jindal didn’t cut the budget 20%.

Huckabee’s add on is unneeded, but glad to try and brag. Also, Jindal’s counter is correct and the cheap smile Huckabee gave was something I wish he had in other debates.

Question 9. 19 Trillion Dollars In National Debt

The Libertarian Answer-Cut the budget over 50% without cutting taxes, deregulation and commit the government to paying off the debt. Also selling public lands to pay back the debt. However, I don’t think the 19 trillion in debt is that bad.

The Review-Christie calling for a mass deregulation and pause on regulation is actually really great.

Question 10. Opposing the auto bailouts

The Libertarian Answer-The auto bailouts were disgusting and the companies would have been better off going bankrupt.

The Review-Santorum answered very well, but his stating support for the XM bank is absolutely insane. He started out calling himself a capitalist and later backed a massive government bank.

Question 11. Syrian refugees & accepting them

The Libertarian Answer-Yes, america should accept all immigrants if willing to get a photo ID, fingerprints and more.

The Review-Huckabee’s answer isn’t accurate and his concern is understanding. However, I strongly disagree with him and think his solution is awful.

Question 12. China Stealing Our Technology and Spying On Americans

The Libertarian Answer-This is where Trump is kind of right. While unlike Trump, I’m 100% for free trade, working to enforce IP and American laws is key.

The Review-Christie answered well, but his solution isn’t ideal. It’s not terrible to do a counter cyber attack, but there are more peaceful ways.

Question 13. Support For TPP

The Libertarian Answer-I’m a libertarian and I can say from examining TPP, I’m about 90% for it. It might have holes, but it works and elimination of all tariffs is ideal.

The Review-Jindal’s answer is so forgettable it made me check facebook while doing this.

Also, his Attack on Christie wasn’t needed. Yes, Christie is a liberal, but he lives in New Jersey. Let’s Attack how he seems like the biggest neocon in this thing. Also, points for Christie for bashing Sanders.

Christie also answered so well on this one he probably just won himself back into the next debate.

Also, Jindal saying this is an economics debate….. Ha!

Question 14. Obamacare & Replacement Plans

The Libertarian Answer-Mass deregulation of healthcare and modifying Medicare/Medicaid to be more competitive and incentive based to lower cost. Biggest thing though is free trade in medicine. Allow people to fly in any doctor they want, buy any pill they want, purchase insurance from wherever they want and wipe out monopolycare.

The Review-Jindal actually deserves a silver star for this. Being the former second in command to HHS though….

Also, can Christie stop constantly mentioning Hillary? He needs to talk more about his plan.

Question 15. Fixing American Infrastructure

The Libertarian Answer-Privatize the roads or bring all the federal highways to state or local governments if privatization is rejected.

The Review-Santorum calling himself a solid conservative elected in a blue state…. I’ll call bull and also point out how he lost in a blue state in a landslide. And no, no accomplishments from Rick.

And a good answer from Rick, but he didn’t answer.

Question 16. Who do you admire from the DNC side.

The Libertarian Answer-I’d actually say Cory Booker. He seems to support school choice and is more moderate over other liberals. Yet, I’ll play popular choice and go for Jim Webb.

The Review-They never chose to answer…. Just answer…. Say Anthony Weiner, but just freaking answer.

Santorum was way too loud and sounded like he should be in the movie Creed.

Question 17. What Is The Most People Should Pay?

The Libertarian Answer-I support cutting spending over 50% and freeze other spendings while revenue climbs. The goal here would probably do a 6-9% flat tax with no deductions and over the income Mark of 25k.

Another major point, cut government and let’s states raise the taxes and just placing GDP quotas.

The Review-Santorum pointing out eliminating deductions on local taxes is shockingly good. Christie ripped it off, but didn’t have a huge plan. Jindal saying every group should pay taxes is stupid. The better idea is change it so receipts now show embedded taxes from corporate taxes. Huckabee is advocating a fair tax which he just can’t get done.

Question 18. Is the fair tax economically viable?

The Libertarian Answer-It probably is viable. The key is to stop talking about taxes though and more on spending.

The Review-Huckabee answered moderately well. Oversimplified though.

Question 19. Eliminating the corporate income tax

The Libertarian Answer- Yes, completely abolish it and it would be an economic miracle.

The Review-Shocked that I 100% supported what Jindal said. He also answered it pretty well.

Question 20. Is the Fed Creating An Interest Rates Bubble

The Libertarian Answer-Obviously…. This is proof the fed needs to either go away from free market currency or be completely removed from government.

The Review-Christie answered this pretty well and once again brought back Hillary. Still better than bringing up 9/11.

Question 21. Should the Fed Be Audited?

The Libertarian Answer-The audit is key to give analysis and it’s already political.

The Review-Santorum used the word Atlas… Wish he said Shrugged. Instead he just brought up some BS on the family.

Question 22. Is Janet Yellen the right person?

The Libertarian Answer-It’d be nice to fire her and replace her with no one.

The Review-Funny line from Huckabee, but he doesn’t know this policy well. Now moving the dollar to a commodity basket is a good point from Huckabee, but just not realistic.

Question 23. Fixing the VA

The Libertarian Answer-Really simple…. Eliminate this expansion of the VA and non entitled VA benefits obama expanded. The next thing is not produce more wars and more veterans. And yes, give them money for private plans over hospitals.

The Review-Santorum is just giving a snowball answer to a snowball question. Nothing to really disagree on, but it’s nothing new. I’d love if he mentioned Bernie Sanders said the VA should be the national model.

Question 24. Restoring Pride To The Military

The Libertarian Answer-Not fight God awful wars which are a waste of time and money.

The Review-Jindal’s response was mediocre. Huckabee’s response was just for expanding government and it’s not practical. Also no, we didn’t promise their kids college or the ability to buy a home. They did a job and do not deserve entitlements forever from it. Christie is wrong…. Obama does respect the military like everyone else does. It’s a mean Attack though. Also, good for him saying Hillary again. Santorum is attacking Obama. He’s not running for reelection, no need to mention him.

Closing Statements

Bobby Jindal-Happy he wants to cut spending. Please name things to cut and will be taken seriously.
Rick Santorum-Oh wow, he likes working families. Good for him, I’m so impressed he’s the only candidate who says he cares for working families. I’m going to go donate all my money to Rick Santorum and hangout with Foster Fries. Santorum/Jesus 2016!
Mike Huckabee-He should have made another joke about his wife yelling at him. Also, that third grader got royally screwed.
Chris Christie-Wow, he mentions Hillary Clinton. Shocker!!!

Consensus on this debate?

This was probably a win for Chris Christie. He did very well, but constantly mentioning Hillary didn’t help him at all.

My complaint is that Graham, Gilmore and Pataki were not invited. All of them are qualified and if Santorum is put in there, those three probably should also.

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