Trudeau Liberal’s Scandal Leads To Minister’s Resignation


In the past few weeks, the Canadian political aura has become hot enough to roast. It seems there’s a very high chance of seeing some politicians fall under victims of the heat. On February 8th it was reported by the Globe and Mail that the Prime Minister’s Office had pressured the now former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould to interfere with the prosecution of a company called SNC-Lavalin.

The company is a big player in the construction industry that is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They’re also no strangers to controversy. They’re currently in court for fraud and corruption charges, and now there are reasons to suspect that SNC-Lavalin has strong ties that have been abused with the Liberal Party of Canada which is under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership. Mostly because the Liberal Party of Canada has been caught taking illegal donations from SNC-Lavalin before.

Since the allegations were first reported, Prime Minister Trudeau has denied them, calling what the Globe and Mail said to be “untrue” and saying he never directed the Justice Minister at the time Wilson-Raybould to interfere with the corruption case. Wilson-Raybould had declined to comment when questioned on the Globe and Mail report, citing ‘solicitor-client privilege’ binds here from speaking on the matter. Political enthusiasts have wondered about why Jody Wilson-Raybould was removed from her post as the Minister of Justice and “demoted” to Minister of Veteran Affairs. She was touted by Trudeau for her acumen as well as being the first Woman of Indigenous roots to hold the position. She was moved from her job as Minister of Justice without a clear explanation.

As of February 12th, Jody Wilson-Raybould has announced that she has resigned from her position as Minister of Veteran Affairs this morning. She states in the resignation letter that she has retained legal counsel for what she’s allowed to speak about involving the SNC-Lavalin Liberal Scandal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an emergency cabinet meeting this morning as well. This comes after Trudeau’s Liberal Party has blocked attempts from the Opposition parties to probe the political interference allegations on February 9th. The Trudeau Government had refused to waive Jody Wilson-Raybould’s solicitor-client privilege, thus silencing her on the matter of their alleged roles in political corruption.

To top it all off, the PM’s office is now under investigation by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion. If found guilty, this would be the 5th ethics violation on Trudeau’s belt. No other Prime Minister in Canadian History has one. Canada admittedly has not had federal ethics law for a long time. The Conflict of Interest Act came in 2007 under then Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It was put in place largely due to, funny enough, a massive bribery scandal involving the federal Liberal Party of Canada. This is now known among Canadians as “The Liberal Scandal”. Now isn’t that something.

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Malcolm Ault

Malcolm is a writer and journalist from Canada with a keen focus on the issues of internet culture, government policy, and liberty.


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