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When I’ve had the misfortune of watching Canada’s mainstream media I’ve made a curious observation – there’s an obsession our political elites have with the ethics commissioner. I’m unsure as to why they believe she has some special insights into ethics that the rest of us lack, but her judgment is used to condemn or exonerate in the minds of Ottawa’s elite. We can rest assured that some wrongdoing has taken place or not based on whether or not the ethics commissioner has weighed in.

The Ottawa elites hang on her every word, and no one else cares.

Ottawa’s political commentators are wildly off the mark on a wide variety of issues, and ethics is chief among them. The SNC – Lavalin story is rocking the Canadian political world, and yet no one is discussing the real story, the story behind the story. Some of the evilest and heinous actions one can commit are being done within our borders and in the very heart of the Liberal party.

We have it on authority that the Prime Minister’s Office directed the justice minister to avoid prosecution of SNC – Lavalin, a war profiteer company. Moreover, SNC – Lavalin has managed to circumnavigate campaign contribution laws and illegally over contribute to the Liberal Party.

Ottawa insiders have obsessed over the optics of this, whether or not Trudeau had a procedural violation. It has been asserted that Trudeau’s office directed the justice minister to avoid prosecution of a company and this is the story in the minds of the political elites. It has turned into a debate surrounding what is meant by the term directed and whether or not he complied with regulation.

Aside from not following the regulation another ethics violation – voting for a war that involved a partnership with terrorists and sex traffickers while he was paid off by war profiteers doesn’t appear to be on the minds of political elites obsessed with regulatory procedures.

To make matters worse, SNC – Lavalin was contracted by the other side in that war, and Qaddafi was no saint either. They weren’t even working on Canada’s side.

Our political commentators weigh in with a brief mention of Libya and then wax on about the ethics violation of the Prime Minister’s Office directing the justice minister, the bad optics of Canada’s first Indigenous cabinet minister resigning is at the forefront of political conversations. Meanwhile, slaves now being sold in Libya for $500 is ignored entirely.

If Trudeau did block prosecution he’s protecting war criminals. He blocked any investigation into what happened with his minister of justice. He blocked an investigation in war crimes in Afghanistan. He committed to the Saudi Arms deal – weapons that are being used to carry out a genocide in Yemen. He’s allied himself with ISIS members returning to Canada. These are not small lapses in ethics. These are major affronts to fundamental morality.

Canada has a pronounced military-industrial complex. We’re seeing the unraveling and the unfolding of criminal activity in Ottawa with Trudeau at the center. War profiteers in command of the Liberal Party – I don’t need the ethics commissioner to tell me what to think about that.

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Brandon Kirby

Here's the new one: Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree with the University of New Brunswick, and is a current MBA candidate finishing his thesis. He owns an AML service company servicing hedge funds in the Cayman Islands, a real estate company in Canada, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada and the president of the Libertarian Party of Canada.