Trump And Obama On Death Of Fidel Castro: A World Apart


President Obama and President-Elect Trump have had their moments of both praise and criticism from libertarians.

Today we mark another one of those moments with the recent passing of Fidel Castro, and the statements the two aforementioned have released pertaining to the announcement of the death of a tyrant.



President Obama spoke of how Castro “altered the course” and how “history will record and judge” the former communist dictator of Cuba, versus Mr. Trump who boldly proclaimed how Castro “oppressed his people” and left behind a “legacy of firing squads…”.

Who truly stands for American principles, here?

Hint: Not spineless President Obama who can’t even condemn a dictator. He has been long too timid to stand up for American freedom out of fears of offending foreign nations, and thankfully is soon to be on his way out of the White House.  As for the President-Elect, he is not a libertarian, which goes without saying, and will likely do his own part in shackling our freedoms. Yet, on this day he should be commended for doing what the leader of the free world should always lead the charge in, condemning tyrants who opposed free speech and killed minorities.

Yet, I am sure he will continue to be called a dictatorial racist and homophobe by the very left who either like President Obama spinelessly ignores, or like others (see Justin Trudeau) celebrates the former leader who actually deserves to be branded with these labels.

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Bric Butler