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Trump to Promise Tax-Deductible Childcare in Major Economic Speech Today

donald-trump-has-surged-to-the-top-of-2-new-2016-pollsRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump will introduce what is being called a “new policy” that will make childcare payments “fully tax deductible” in a major, sweeping financial speech in Detroit later today, according to The Hill. This plan competes and slightly contrasts with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s own promised plan which she has said will use more federal funding and what she is calling “tax relief” in order to achieve a similarly affordable approach at childcare.

Seeing his own plan as a superior one to Clinton’s, Trump’s speech today is intended to be the first big step in rehabilitating his stage presence and political promises in order that his past controversies become things of the past (a.k.a. a PR move), according to the story:

The speech comes as the Trump campaign is trying to put a week of bad press and distractions behind him, and to home in on Clinton’s vulnerabilities and the economy.

Among the specific policies mentioned in Trump’s speech on Monday will be a “temporary moratorium on regulations,” the senior aide said. 

Asked to explain what that policy meant, the Trump aide said, “Barring urgent needs, there will be a temporary moratorium on new regulations.

“Because there is such a glut of regulations, thousands and thousands of regulations in recent years … companies are not investing; their cash is on the sidelines; they’re not hiring,” the aide added.

Other policies outlined in Trump’s speech will include the corporate tax rate being lowered to 15 percent, “which will make us a magnet for global investment in the United States and bring in thousands of new companies.” 

Also mentioned will be the elimination of the death tax — though the elimination of it and the 15 percent corporate tax rate are part of the tax plan Trump released last year.

The title of the speech is, “An America First Economic Plan: Winning the Global Competition,” the aide said.

The speech’s premise will be that every policy that Clinton offers “handicaps America’s ability to compete globally.”

The Hill also reports that Trump will find a pro-free trade angle in his attacks on Clinton’s policy by bringing up things like Clinton’s support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and he will also emphasize that unemployment is still a rising problem he intends to fix – with a Trump aide calling the official rate of 5% “hokum.”

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