Trump Refuses To Concede Election


In the other night’s debate, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump remain stolid concerning the question of whether or not he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory if she won the presidency. This spells trouble, since the possibility of a major presidential candidate refusing to concede victory to the other candidate, can have staggering implication for a democratic nation.

How Democracy Dies

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, President Obama held a press event decrying Trump’s insistence that this year’s election is rigged and fraudulent. He specifically declared “One way of weakening America and making it less great is if you start betraying those basic traditions that have held it together for well over two centuries.” He based his position on there being no “evidence” of rigging or fraudulent activities this election cycle. He went on to say “I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election process before votes have even taken place.” Really? He has never in his life seen a candidate discredit the election process? Has he been looking at the Wikileaks leaks and other leaks that have come out this year?

It is the very revelations exposed by these leaks that give Donald Trump’s claim of a “rigged” election, legitimacy. We are talking about an election where we have witnessed the Democratic National Committee collude with Hillary’s camp to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, where the Clinton Foundation was exposed for pay-for-play schemes, where emails were discovered proving media manipulation, alliances with journalists, election law manipulation, and a host of other corrupt actions. A recent video release shows Clinton supporters boasting and detailing how they plan to rig the election.

If anyone is guilty of discrediting the American democratic system it is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. They have managed to discredit the FBI, Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and make a complete mockery of the concept of the “rule of law.” Furthermore, the leaks have managed to prove without a shadow of doubt that the mainstream news media is corrupt. At a time when the greatest revelations of corrupt government and abuse of power in American history is being broken by bloggers, hackers and other activists, the mainstream media is more obsessed about what Trump said 11 years ago!

Donald Trump is Right

Regardless of who you support this November, you must acknowledge what the facts clearly display.

There is no question that Hillary Clinton and the DNC have conspired to defraud the American people during this election. Donald Trump is right for refusing to concede. The DNC could have obtained a easy victory by letting Bernie Sanders have the nomination. Instead, they have conspired to prop up a candidate that is universally-despised and spent the duration of the election plugging leaks that exposes the corruption of Clinton and her camp. Thus, for the DNC, it is worth having the federal government lose legitimacy. It is worth the FBI and DOJ being made to look like a joke, courting war with Russia, and disenfranchising the majority of Americans?

If the leaders of this country do not obey the laws, why the hell should anyone else?

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Gary St. Fleur

Gary St. Fleur is the founder of Save Scranton, an organization that campaigns against the corruption and malfeasance in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area, by utilizing grassroots efforts to enact reform.

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