UPDATED: Trump Visa Ban Apparent Conflict of Interest


President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order Friday that suspended the entry of refugees into the United States for 120 days, and barred any form of entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days.

The seven predominantly Muslim countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. However, the list excludes Saudi Arabia.

The Order creates what might appear to be, but for which no evidence exists, a conflict of interest, as none of the countries involved in these executive orders include countries where the Trump Organization does business. The Trump Organization has business in over 20 countries across the globe, including Saudi Arabia.

Trump justified the Order by saying, “we want to ensure that we are not admitting into the country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country, and deeply love our people.”

While her has officially stepped down from every other office he holds, which number over 400, this does not necessarily separate him completely from the possibility of using his power to protect his business interests. His appointment of his sons, Eric and Don Jr., to head the Trump Organization, has raised some eyebrows.

Many libertarians have been suspicious of Trump, due to the possibility of discrimination on the basis of religion. Trump has also stated that persecuted Christian refugees would get priority in entering the country.

“If you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible,” said Trump in an interview with CBN News. “And the reason that was so unfair, everybody was persecuted in all fairness, but they were chopping off the heads of everybody but more so the Christians. And I thought it was very, very unfair. So we are going to help them.”

Just prior to signing the Order, Trump said that we must “never forget the lessons of 9/11, nor the heroes who lost their lives at the Pentagon,” which contributes to speculation that he might be abusing his power, as 15 of the 19 9/11 attackers came from Saudi Arabia.

Editorial update: This article was originally worded in such a way which implied that Donald Trump was, in fact, abusing the power of the office, when no evidence – and merely coincidence, currently – exists for such a claim. The article has been updated to emphasize that this is merely speculation based on the exclusion of Saudi Arabia and Trump’s comments about the September 11 attacks.

Photo Credit: Daniel Huizinga

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Nicholas Amato

Nicholas Amato is the News Editor at Being Libertarian. He’s an undergraduate student at San Jose State University, majoring in political science and minoring in journalism.


  1. Why didn’t he include all of the countries that are a threat to the US–especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt? Is he crazy? How is he going to protect citizens if he left out the most dangerous countries?

  2. Now I understand! Trump’s temporary ban used a list of seven countries selected by Obama. Obviously
    Obama’s intent was to protect the Donald’s business interest. Common this comment makes as much sense
    as all the other hysteria being written.

  3. No Americans can conduct business with the countries on that list, that was put in years ago under Bush and upheld by Obama. Talk about a liberal stretch!!

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