Two Things the Corporate Media Are Missing About Iowa and New Hampshire


The corporate media are failing to report on two major pieces of data that came out of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries:

  1. President Trump has broken records for an incumbent of either party in number of votes.
  2. President Trump is seeing consistent ratings above 50% in multiple categories regarding his leadership since his election.

Did you expect anything different from the media-wing of the Democratic Party?


Why would they cow-tow to that which they hate? Why would they expose a serious weakness in the Democratic candidates’ run to unseat Trump? Of course they wouldn’t, because Orange Man bad, right?


Let’s look at the reality of how and what American’s are voting and polling for Trump currently.

In both Iowa and New Hampshire Trump set records for the number of votes received in a primary of either party running as an incumbent. Not only was it a record but he turned out more than enough voters to double former President Barack Obama’s numbers in 2012.  Here’s the scary part for Democrats: Their numbers are basically flat.

In Iowa, turnout barely surpassed 2016 levels and was at about 176,000. Contrast that number with the historic mark of 2008, with 240,000, and you have to wonder if enthusiasm is well… Hillary-like.

New Hampshire is a similar picture for the Democrats heading into Nevada and South Carolina.

While the total vote count for the Democrats was 296,622 and higher than the 250,983 of 2016, when you take into account New Hampshire’s growing voting age, it’s arguable that it’s on par with the turnout increase rate from the last two cycles. 

Onto the record ratings being missed and buried by the corporate press.

Two polls have emerged recently with at a 56% approval rating on the economy and a whopping 61% of Americans reporting that they are better off under Trump’s administration. The former is the highest economic approval rating of any president in the past 20 years. The latter the highest in past 28 years since Gallup first began in 1992.

With the combination of record voter turnout rates for Trump, mediocre turnout rates for Democrats, and record approval rates for Trump coupled with a crowded field of Democratic candidates who might lead the Democrats into a brokered convention, you have a recipe for re-election a disaster.

We haven’t even mentioned the Iowa primary vote counting debacle until or that the Democrats are not only flirting with the idea of finally nominating an out-and-out socialist but marrying themselves to it. 538 has forecast Bernie Sanders as having the best shot at taking the nomination, with 37%, second to literally no one: A brokered convention.

Despite the corporate media largely missing all of this, the Democratic establishment is not. Radical CNN commentator and former Obama adviser, Van Jones, said on Tuesday that, “I think people are depressed.” Comments such as that from the establishment and data coming out reminding the public that socialism is still very unpopular in the United States would seem to lead to even more voter apathy for Democrats as we continue down the election path in 2020. In fact, there’s plenty of chatter as of late that if Bernie is the nominee, it’ll be a repeat of a 1984 electoral landslide scenario of Regan vs. Mondale

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads, and it seems three scenarios could play out but none of which seem to point to a winning ticket for them in November.

They can fully embrace the socialism flirt they’ve had for decades and nominate Sanders, likely leading to a landslide victory for Trump.

They can try to run a moderate, with Mayor Pete, whose abysmal track record for the black vote would surely hand Trump a record number of black voters with unemployment rates so low.

Or they can steal the nomination from Bernie and his rabid communist supporters again, and nominate an unpopular, short, authoritarian, and privileged white billionaire with Bloomberg. 

Either way, it’s not looking good for the Democrats, because meanwhile the Trump re-election campaign has over $100 million in the bank and growing, the economy is steady, and people are largely happy with polls citing new highs with upwards of 90% of Americans satisfied with personal life. Perhaps the Democrats deserve to lose and lose bigly in November.  Perhaps they need another licking and this time a historically bad licking, in order to finally get them to look in the mirror and at common Americans in fly-over states as fellow Americans instead of being so anti-American and painting half the country as deplorable.

The Democrats are making their bed. They should lie in it, and accept the consequences of it come November. They should blame nobody but themselves for their loss.

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Lance Cayko

Lance Cayko is an Assistant Social Media Director of Being Libertarian