Voting for the LP over Trump is a Mistake


TrumpBy: Brian S. Sherman

Hillary Clinton, despite pressing the reset button, has been rooting worse than a WW2 chickenhawk for action against Russia. It’s become a popular go to for politicians of all angles to try to capitalize on the post-Cold War mentality of fighting the bad guy Russians. In reality, Russia is not as bad compared to many other places, especially when it comes to their handling of law and order in such a wild society with vast borders, an entrenched oligarchy and their allies in the mafia, and an entangled political elite who must cater to the conflicting needs of said Moscow billionaires. Otherwise, not much different than over here. Russia is intensely more capitalistic than America could hope for – look at that flat tax rate! Are you really so desperate to stick it to the Trump supporters that you would help stick Hillary with the nuclear football?

Trump and Putin are besties. If anyone is going to be worried about nuclear obliteration with Trump in charge, it’s the vile winged serpent below the Bear who is just itching to take over every ounce of Siberia it possibly can in the near future, while it forces its will upon Japan, going so far as to claim Okinawa! A libertarian foreign policy might claim that it’s not our business to defend our allies like Japan against blatant aggression by the Chinese Communist People’s Republic forces against their ancient traditionally-recognized island. Martial arts associated with Japan comes much from Okinawan influence. There is a lot of resentment as well among Okinawans against their Japanese occupiers, but do they want Chinese instead? How many Libertarians are signing up to assist the Okinawan independence movement? I would bet $5000, not too many.

Maybe the Libertarian Party should focus on this particular movement, maybe they could possibly influence them to set up a society as an experiment there, they are highly reasonable and productive, industrious people with an ancient sense of honor who believe in holding their word and upholding their agreements, maybe this would be a model place to start a model Libertarian society! We should be defending them against blatant Communist Chinese aggression. What if the Libertarian Party led the charge to face the nasty bloated firebreathing dragon and help defend these poor Okinawans against its fierce wrath? Imagine their gratitude!

Now the question is, who is worth getting into a war of nuclear obliteration over? Ukraine, who has absolutely no strategic value to NATO other than supplying it the members with cheap resources? What exactly do we respect the Soviet recognized transition of the areas in question which later became defacto recognized by the UN for? There’s absolutely no reason to support
Ukraine whatsoever, even if the Russians did accidentally shoot down an airliner, which evidence may point to the Ukrainians instead, but that’s for another discussion. What are we against the Russians for? Do you want to nuclear obliterate all those Russian women? Do you have any idea how much trade potential is available with developing Russia’s resources? Now we don’t even need to get into Russian resources here, but let’s look at what we’re missing out on. Bashkortostan alone is the size of Germany, has probably more mineral wealth, and produces some of the world’s finest milk and honey, they even make cosmetics out of honey there. It’s mostly organic too! This is some prime fertile land here, and its occupied by expert tribesmen who have been herding cattle since before Genghis Khan. But wait, this region is known more for its chemical processing and its vast industrial development.

Couple that with the fact that Russia is offering FREE LAND to anyone who wants to move there, maybe a lot of you who are fed up with the way things are going should show your dissent by taking up that offer for some free acerage. If you can get ten or twenty of your friends to sign up and go, you could start a pretty good voluntary collective operation, like the Israeli Kibbutz. It would be exactly what “libertarian” meant when it first circulated the French political philosoph as the “Libertaires”. With Russia, you can all go be libertaires! So for those of you who are still complaining about Trump being the nominee, especially those of you who at the time of this writing dispute the fact that Trump will in fact be the nominee without any form of political skullduggery (such as having stake in a bet), I ask you, why are you voting for nuclear obliteration? Are you really so mad at the fact that your particular candidate choice cannot garner a fraction of a fraction of what Ross Perot managed to achieve, that you would not just pack up your ball and go home, but put the control of nuclear missiles in the hands of a “Strong independent woman” who has been already quite vocal about how “Russia needs to be stopped”? If that’s the case, you’re no libertarian. You’re an egomaniac who would rather have everyone suffer and die miserably from nuclear fire and radiation, as well as cause loss of business potential developing the world’s new frontier, Mother Russia, where the land develops you! You are exactly the kind of libertarian who makes everyone hate libertarians.

Please stop pretending to be one if you think that voting against Trump just to stick it to the establishment somehow benefits the cause. Have some sense, don’t do something drastic like throwing your vote away on a candidate who is not going to help in any way get things moving in a direction that can actually get traction on a large scale. Sacrificing the control of the nuclear missiles for sake of a few extra points for the Libertarian Party is not going to help the cause. Vote for Trump, vote for economic development with a strong independent trading oartner instead of a parasatic communist disease that is threatening to take the sovereignty of our dearest allies, all for the sake of your idealism.

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