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On January 22nd 2017, I woke up early to catch up with some work. As I turned my computer on, I saw a Facebook post shared by a friend. It was a video showing a group of masked men and women beating a 20-year-old girl to a pulp.

What was going on there? Why were they doing this?-

After playing the video a few times, just to believe what I was watching, I started reading the title of the post which said, “20 Y.O. girl beaten by a group of radical leftists because she was wearing a bracelet with the Spanish flag.”

One of the “brave” participants was Alejandro Espin Sogo, A.K.A. “Topi”, the local leader, and candidate in the last local elections in the city of Murcia, for the communist coalition Ganar Cehegin (Win Cehegin), he is also member of the group Alternativa Socialista (Socialist Alternative). On Tuesday seven of the (at least) 9 perpetrators had been arrested, but they were set free from charges by the judge – what?! Yes, exactly!

Alejandro Espin Sogo a.k.a. “Topi” in a political pamphlet for the last local elections.

The brutal attack took place during Saturday night at the entrance of a local pub. The victim, who was with some friends, was harassed by one of the female leftists for her bracelet which had a small Spanish flag.

She ignored them and went outside to smoke a cigarette but she was followed by the whole group of at least 12 leftists and then beaten to a pulp with no prior exchange of words. Bystanders just watched and did nothing for “fear of reprisals”.

You dear libertarians from America and all over the world must be asking yourself “just because she loves her country?” The answer is yes!

The Spanish left is one of the most violent and reactionary political groups in all Europe. They believe that anything that has to do with patriotism, freedom of expression, or individual rights is fascist.

Whenever the left has governed this country (Spain) you could see how they divided society to amazing extremes. They bankrupted the country, and if you look at history as a teacher you can learn how they were responsible for pushing the country towards its last civil war (1936 to 1939).

They created such fear in the population that now almost no one dares to display a Spanish flag openly, besides in the Olympics and international soccer matches.

You can’t even identify yourself as religious for fear of backlash and public humiliation.

On January 2nd, during the celebration commemorating the fall of the last Muslim territory in Spain, in 1492, the people from that same party demanded we apologized to Muslims for kicking them out!

The worst part of all this is that the millennials of Spain buy into this regressive and decadent crap, because they have been brainwashed by media and the education system into feeling what I call “Spanish Guilt.”

Please, my dear American libertarians, and libertarians around the world; take this as a warning. When the left moves into your country it’s like having termites, no biggie in the beginning, but if you don’t deal with it, it can’t take down the pillars of your country and culture.

* Eric Velez is a Spanish-American dual citizen, libertarian, small business owner, freelance photographer and millennial.

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