We the People are the Solution


If we the people have the power, then why are we electing government to tell us what to do? That’s a humble question. As generic and cliche as that may sound, it’s also a serious question.

If when you hear that question, and you think it makes sense, you might be a libertarian. That is a key question to libertarianism. Whether you’re a right or left-leaning libertarian, that question is essential to understanding the libertarian philosophy.

The philosophy of personal freedom and individualism. We’re often associated with people who think they can make it on there own. Anarchists. Support for Chaos. No law and order. Every man for himself. Those are misconceptions. Libertarians, like myself, hold the phrase “we the people,” to a very high standard. We recognize that everyone is different. We all have personal ambitions, passions, and philosophies that make us all one thing… human. We value personal liberty and freedom, so as long as it doesn’t physically harm anyone else.

While it’s true that anarchists and “every man for himself” supporters do exist in certain corners of the libertarian ideology or population, just like there’s communists in the Democratic Party, while we have anarchists, we value human life more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently bad about anarchists. We accept differences whether or not we realize it.

What’s important to us, is an equal playing field where anyone can make a living for themselves however they want to as long as it doesn’t hurt others or restrict other people’s rights. We want to lift people out of darkness. We want humanity to take care of humanity. We want you to have no unnecessary barriers when trying to fulfill your dreams and longings. We support opportunity. We want everyone to reach a higher standard of living. We the people should be the solution to problems. Not government. We want cheaper and better education, we want cheaper and more efficient healthcare, we want job growth, we want higher wages. We just don’t think stealing other people’s money or an expansive controlling government is ideal. We the people should provide these services on our own through cooperation and competition to bring about quality and cheaper goods and services. We the people should do these things.

* Logan Anderson is a young American student with political views being exposed to many different urban and rural environments. He is am currently attending a community college for computer engineering and economics, and paying for it on his own.

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