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Abortion Will End But Not Thanks To Pro-Life People

When examining the two-party system, there’s one truth: the parties are identical. Both want big war, big entitlements, big regulation and big deficits to meet, with pretty much the same agenda. Trivial little spending differences over earmarks and some senators wanting to be extremes of what both sides claim to be for, such Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, do exist. Yet with that said, a person can see the buddy-buddy nature of people such as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to find the majority of leaders, who are either Republican or Democrat, have no major issue differences. Well, except for abortion.

Abortion is one of those issues which the majority of Americans do not really seem to care about, but sadly always will pop up as a major election issue in nearly every single race. There, in every election, will be raging pro-life maniacs who stand up with Christian leaders to unite bases, raise a ton of money and say “It’s time to fight for life!” There, in every election, will be pro–choice advocates standing up with their noses pierced after eating Chipotle going up saying “The Republicans hate women and don’t support choice!” Both on heavy extremes where abortion sadly becomes a single issue thing for many voters and both parties make that the clear difference in ideologies where nothing else really matters. The examples for the Republicans produced people such as Rick Santorum, Mary Fallin and many others who just seem to care about abortion above budgets and wars. The examples for the Democrats are people  like Wendy Davis, Hillary Clinton and many others who also seem to just make that their clear difference with the right. It’s a joke and just a meaningless division on what, for most people, is a dumb issue.

W120824_abortion_protest_reuters_328ith regards to winning this battle of emptiness and campaign donations, the clear winner is the pro-choice movement. They have, with Roe v. Wade, abortion in all 50 states. It’s universally subsidized and an abortion is relatively easy to have done, whether you are in the Ted Cruz-hated streets of Manhattan, or the Bernie Sanders-hated streets of rural Mississippi. Also, abortion will simply never be illegal in America. The pro-life movement has absolutely no weight in the Supreme Court, where it’d take the removal of a minimum of three, but more likely five Supreme Court justices who are all likely to be serving for a minimum of 20-30 years longer. When it comes to the idea of passing a constitutional amendment, it’s a complete joke. Even if the Republicans grew to the point where they reached 67 senators, it’d be unlikely to find  that even 60 of them would be pro-life. Examining how, as the Senate control goes, a far stronger level of pro-choice Republicans such as Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and others tend to emerge. It’d also be politically impossible to obtain over 60 Republican senators without electing in heavily pro-choice states such as Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney can be found flip-flopping, his views for votes. The pro-life people are not even down for the count, but the match is completely over, the fans have left and they are just dead on the floor getting money thrown at them by Foster Friess.

For me, I’ve always considered myself pro-choice. Attending a Catholic school for ten years, I found that being one of the two things the school taught. The first being public school teachers made more than them, and the second being abortion is evil. While the first was moderately accurate, the second I just never got behind. I always saw it as a right for a woman to get an abortion on an unwanted pregnancy, and never found the act of terminating something which likely can’t feel pain or produce thought yet, as wrong. Regarding Planned Parenthood, while in principle I’m against funding it, I just do not feel it’d be in any fiscal logic for America doing it with the cost of Medicaid, welfare and other services far exceeding PP. On a dollars and cents issue, I’m against PP, but simply won’t allow it to be cut while Medicaid is a centi-billion dollar program, welfare is a centi-billion dollar program, corn farmers get billions for the scam fuel of ethanol, the American people get robbed of over half a trillion yearly on useless defense spending and other fiscal hells. With that, I’d place myself as someone PP would likely rate with a B-.

I still want abortion to end.


It’s not extremely good for someone’s physical or emotional health to have one performed and there are clear arguments that the act has some cruelty attached to it.

But there is good news: abortion will not exist in a couple of decades or a few decades at most.


The sweet name of Baby Jesus filling the hearts of people?

The rise of abstinence with the champion Bristol Palin behind it, encouraging all women to put their legs together just as well as she put hers together?

Netflix making a new season of Daredevil, and men just can’t find time anymore to do it?

With the exception of the third, probably no.

What will stop abortion, though, is better science.

It is predicted in the next three years that a male birth control pill will come on the market.

It is already being shown how easy it is to reverse semi-painless vasectomies, and could be commercially viable soon.

Birth control is getting better and more generalized for any woman’s needs regardless of age or previous medical records.

New procedures are being done to prevent women from getting pregnant for several years, and could go commercial soon.

The Gates Foundation is now putting even more money into presenting rewards for inventors who can better modernize the condom.

Science on a whole will have it so birth control for men and women will be working perfectly and done extremely cheaply within a good deal of time.

This will very likely end almost all abortions. This will make it so that accidental pregnancies  are a thing of the past, and people regardless of age can be free to easily avoid pregnancy. It’s just the natural destiny of science.

It’s also something the pro-life movement is just fighting from happening.

While some Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul have wanted to deregulate the process of buying birth control over the counter, some sticklers in the pro-life movement have existed to oppose it just for the sake of opposition.

The idea of deregulating vasectomies as well as the FDA process of new Republicans would have someone such as Mike Huckabee cry taboo. The case for examining the amount the government spends on Medicaid/welfare for unplanned pregnancies and also subsidized abortions and just offering rewards to companies who have innovations for pregnancy prevention technology, is just too smart for the standard GOP member raising $10,000 every time they blast an email saying “Stop abortion now!”

With that, thanks to business, science and market demands, it’s obvious that abortion won’t exist in a relatively short amount of time. The GOP, unless they make some short term reforms in the near future,  won’t be able to take any credit for it when in the year 2035, the number of abortions done yearly drop by over 50%. It’s just failed politics in the name of raising money from everyone in the pro-life movement from Mearl the meth head at the local trailer park to millionaires such as Foster Friess.

My final points:

An 18 trillion dollar national debt. Wars everywhere. Two million people in American prisons. Ridiculous healthcare cost due to the FDA and government regulation. 30% of GDP being government taxing and spending. 40,000 people dying yearly in accidents on public roads. Expensive colleges. Inflation. Public schools failing for poor communities.

Let’s shut up on abortion, regardless where we fall on the political spectrum, and recognize the bigger issues.

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