Why Libertarians Must Defeat the “Woke” Hive Mind

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“A spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of wokeism.”

This paraphrase of the infamous thinker Karl Marx is a good way to describe the rise of the new totalitarianism that is wreaking havoc in our modern societies. Wokeism might not yet be as deadly as communism but is surely as alienating as its ancestor. No matter how old we are, what our ethnicity, sex, or nationality is, we have all likely encountered a cultist of this new religion once in our life.

But what exactly is “wokeism”?

Wokeism is nothing but a sinister decoy for the hateful intentions of the leftist extremists who plague our academia, press, and politics. Behind the mask of wokeism hides the exact opposite of what made our Western civilization great. The wokeist hates individualism, liberty, peace, and prosperity. By pretending to attack the flaws of our society, the wokeist diffuses their grief, hatred, and blatant authoritarianism. The wokeist is the direct product of the teachings of communism; they only rebranded themselves in bright new flashy colors. According to the wokeist, there is no longer a class struggle but rather a struggle for social justice, racial equality, sexual equality, or whatever new cause is fit to be added to the doctrine. The wokeist does not see free individuals; they only see colors, sexual identities, oppressed and oppressors. To them, a man is in no way determined by his ideals, tastes, wills or acts, he is only defined by the way he looks, and by his inheritance.

Our society once took a stand against this kind of harmful belief but wokeists are now prospering in every sphere of our world: Whether it is pop culture, academic studies, or even advertisement. A good example of this horrible trend was the “day without whites” proposed by Evergreen University, or more recently the online lynching of JK Rowling for her tweets where she dared affirm that having a vagina is a woman’s trait, or the decision by the Associated Press to write the world “Black” with a capital letter.

One might ask oneself: What is the long-term goal of such a self-contradictory and ridiculous ideology?

The answer is really simple and can be expressed in only one word: Power.

The wokeists does not want to have meaningful conversations about the ills of our society: They only want to impose their beliefs and enforce them through the violent organs of the state.

We can even wonder if those ideologues are even sincere in their fight or merely seeking a way to (ironically) self-serve themselves. The wokeist hates diversity of thought and beliefs and is willing to shut down any opposition as we see right now with the purge of social networks of any opinion contradicting the narrative that they want to impose.

The final goal of the wokeist is to corrupt society at all levels to form a sort of hive mind, where in the name of equality everyone would be entitled to the same thoughts, opinions, tastes, and ideals. Under the wokeist’s rule the terms “liberty, personal responsibility, and property” would simply be scraped from our vocabulary and anyone daring to advance those ideas would likely be accused of misinformation or endangering “democracy”.

What makes wokeism so dangerous is without any doubt its ability to influence the likes of Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Jake Dorsey, and other petty tyrants and state criminals. As the visionary Murray Rothbard put it:

“Behind the honeyed but patently absurd pleas for equality is a ruthless drive for placing themselves (the elites) at the top of the hierarchy.”

Wokeism is the perfect gateway for a near-total submission of the individual to the system. Every company or individual shall kiss the ring or suffer the anger of the digital and actual brownshirts of wokeism. No one except the few in power are exempt from their fury whether you might be a controversial speaker or the relatively harmless author of a popular book about a young sorcerer. The scariest part is that right now, the wokeists are winning and that their agenda becomes more extensive and extremist every day as their establishment enablers are eager to enforce it.

Are we really harmless against wokeism?

While it is true that the size and scope of wokeism and its power are gigantic, we can all do a simple thing to defeat wokeism. We must learn to appreciate our rights because those rights do not come from the mere permission of government but rather from a form of transcendence. Then we need to all fight peacefully to shift the narrative from collectivism to liberty.

Libertarians from all sensibilities must unite against the wokeist narrative and should never bow down to its view. It is heartbreaking to see that some members of the Libertarian Party adopted parts of the woke narrative in order to reach more voters. One thinks of Jo Jorgensen’s controversial quote, “that not being racist is not enough, we must be actively anti-racist”.  

Libertarianism is and has always been the antithesis of wokeism. An ideology that promotes the ability to live your life freely and refuses coercion is nightmare-fuel for the wokeist hive mind and for their crony government supporters. To quote Murray Rothbard once again:

“We libertarians are not the spokesmen for any ethnic or economic class; we are the spokesmen for all classes, for all of the public, we strive to see all of these groups united hand-in-hand, in opposition to the plundering and privileged minority that constitutes the ruler of the state.”

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Adrien Christ

Adrien Christ is a student in France. He loves Austrian school economics, personal liberty and Irish traditional music.