Why We Won’t & Shouldn’t Have Police In 15 Years


Two disclaimers before going into the article:

  1. I do not have anything against police officers. I am not in a radical anti-cop and pro-violence anti-police movement. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with them on new safety steps to ensure better safety and efficiency, but I’m not one of the freaks cheering on a cop getting killed by any means. Those people are disgusting and should feel ashamed.
  2. I’m not an anarcho-capitalist and do recognize some physical police will exist. However, in a 15 year timeline, I am saying virtually all in the tune of 80-90% and the remaining police have more detective-style roles.

It’s clear that an anti-police argument in America exists. While it has calmed down a little, be it Black Lives Matter or another group, there has been a great desire to see some real reforms to policing in America. While having seen a thousand memes and the only valuable idea of substance being body cameras, I still believe that it’s a leftist fad argument which will die down in another year or so. I hold that with Trayvon, Ferguson and others; they all fit into a new generation wanting their own Rodney King, and the protest represent nothing more other than the desire to be young and active while holding some good intentions. In that though, thanks to capitalism, the young Marxists protesting the government might finally get their wish of safely ending police and all, due to the private sector.

It’s important again to note that while I don’t personally want to see police hurt, I do see a real value in their replacement. Also, if anything, my support for what will happen in the next two decades is about police safety above all else. This process of just having people with guns hired to go into dangerous zones and deal with dangerous people simply isn’t safe for anyone. It’s never an ideal world to have someone go into a room and deal with someone in a state of violence and believe they can safely handle it without deaths for the accused and those administering the law. It’s also a stressful job where the rewards for the work put in do not seem to really be there. Any career involving a heavy risk of life doesn’t feel worth it.

Here are the three reasons in detail on why police will probably not exist within the next two decades or at least not in anywhere near current form.

  1. Drones & Uber For Public Safety12910283_1095636607124205_1634771314_n

Imagine this picture for a moment: You are walking down a street at 1 am in Manhattan. It’s been two blocks, but someone about 20 feet from you seems to keep on following. This person doesn’t come off as safe and the intention isn’t very clear. With 9-11, there’s a need to call, a need to report address and also a time to actually physically get an officer in place for what could be nothing outside of paranoia. It’s not really the best model to stop crime and the fear of it being nothing could be a greater issue in itself. This makes calling 9-11 a fear in itself, but also kind of useless, realizing the time attached.

Enter the age of drones and smart phones. Just having an app on your phone which in one single click, a drone is there. Planted in every street corner, every commerce sector and every neighborhood in America along with the rest of the world, low cost drones with cameras and teams of people in call centers monitoring the situation will be there. This app is clicked and in under 60 seconds, the drone appears. From the hovering, tracking and observation, the person who is of potential violence will likely just change plans and not do anything. If they do, the drone could, with a camera, have a sound alarm on it while also holding things such as plastic darts or pepper spray, while being able to follow the person if action does happen in the area of violence. Home invasions, muggings, rape and more become a thing of the past due to instant safety with reasonable security.

This idea to some people could come off as Orwellian, but why would the government be the ones to do it? Private security is everywhere, and it’s widely established that the government does move slow. A system of for-profit models in which the use of these drone apps could cost a user a single dollar on a click or having minor subscription services are ideal and affordable to nearly everyone. This is a clear case where the private sector will be the first to come in with early on home and business security which does move into public space security. Peace will happen and safety will be greater over ever before.

The tech is a reality today. This is one of the many things being worked on now and in just the next 24 months will become a reality.

  1. The Drug War Is Over

While I wish I could say protection is the primary use of police, it’s also sadly for the government’s socially conservative-filled movement on regulating what people put into their own bodies. I’d like it to be known I’m a pretty classic teetotaler. I do not drink any alcohol, have never smoked marijuana, have never touched tobacco and outside of Snapple ice tea, do not touch any caffeinated goods. With that though, I like every other person who doesn’t enjoy arresting the poor should be pro-legalization.

We all know that marijuana will be legal in the next decade nationally. Those pretending otherwise are just kidding themselves. It’s become so soft core to smoke pot that Bill Maher is now comfortable paying fines for it, to do so on his show. About 75% of the issue with the War on Drugs is about to die from marijuana alone. Also, on harder drugs, California just made a brilliant move to end long sentences for the possession of small amounts of hard drugs. Doing this, it’s pretty clear that this should also within the next two decades become a norm and the witness of drug laws for all levels of severity will be reduced or just flat out eliminated.

The War on Drugs is over and it seems in the next two decades, the police and prison state will end in America regardless of who holds power for the future. Be it Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or actually good people such as Rand Paul or Gary Johnson, drugs will be legal or decriminalized ending the police control on this.

  1. Self-Driving Cars

I was laughed at five years ago by people when I said before the year 2020 I’d own a self-driving car. Now, looking at this massive industry which has developed where self-driving cars are being developed all around the world and showing massive success, it’s clear I’ll get the self-driving car if loose women don’t get my money first. It’s just now a fact that we will have self-driving cars and, while regulated, they are already legal in California, Nevada and Hawaii with Texas, Florida, Ohio and Michigan on path to make it legal soon as well.

The most notable use of the police for middle Americans is about to go away. Tickets and cops on the road… This tax levied on the young and poor normally found in being unable to afford a cab after a night at the bar, being unskilled due to youth or being stressed due to working long shifts is about to go away forever. There will within the next decade be a reality of self-driving cars as cheap as ordinary cars today, and they will change everything. One of which is to end DUIs and reckless driving, saving and improving countless lives.

Cops on the side of the road giving $100 tax notes to the person late for work are over and dead. Driving will be faster, safer and easier over any point in history, and by the year 2036, we will very clearly not need police on the road.

Concluding thoughts

With this all said, Blue Lives Matter: The riots and assaults on police are rude and insane to do for people who I’ll admit create a net positive of good in the world, despite negatives that governments make them enforce on. However, capitalism and the markets will just deliver a vastly safer and cheaper product. It will allow people to live better and allow the remaining officers to focus in more detective type roles where their time is better used with them having more safety.

It’s the future and it’ll be a good one.

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